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Document no. 657


Criminal Justice Directorate
Criminal Law and Licensing Division
Edinburgh, EH1 3DC, Scotland

Zurich, 2th of July, 2009

MEBO findings:

New findings in the Lockerbie affair reveal that the Scottish Police Deputy SIO, Jim Gilchrist (Criminal Investigation Division at Dumfries) and Dr Thomas Hayes (RARDE) were mainly responsible for the wrong track in connection with the MST-13 timer fragment (PT-35) leading to Libya as the culprit.

Information of:

15th International Conference, Australia.

By RT. Hon. Colin Boyd QC, Lord Advocate, Scotland

This publication by Lord Advocate Colin Boyd helps to clarify the wrong evidence against Libya in the Lockerbie case.
As documented by MEBO in document 651 different fragments and charred material were delivered to RARDE's labaratories for forensic examination on the 17th of January 1989 simultaneously by three different parties.

We want to put the focus as pointed out in the AAIB report and confirmed in the court protocols at Kamp van Zeist on the fragment no. AG/145 (circuit board) that was found in the container AVE-4041 PA by witness no. 317, Thomas Claiden. After forensic examination the fragment of a "circuit board" no. AG/145 was attributed to a Toshiba radio recorder RT-8016.

Lord Advocate Colin Boid confirmed on *page 4 of 12:
This is best answered by looking at the evidence. During the painstaking search of a vast area of land police officers were asked to look out for items which might be charred and which might indicate that they had been close to an explosion.
On IP January 1989 in search sector 1, near Newcastleton, two police officers Thomas Gilchrist and Thomas McColm found a fragment of charred clothing. It was subsequently sent to the Forensic Explosives Laboratory at Fort Halstead in Kent for forensic examination.

It was examined there on 12th of May 1989 by Dr Thomas Hayes. He teased out the cloth and found within it fragments of paper, fragments of black plastic and a piece of circuitry no larger than a fingernail. The cloth was found to be part of a grey slalom shirt - one of a number of items linked back to a little shop of Mary's House in Malta and the shopkeeper Tony Gauci.

The mesh fragments were found to be consistent with the loudspeaker grille and the black plastic fragments consistent with the composition of the case of the Toshiba radio cassette. It had already been identified by other fragments of circuit board and from the fragment of the instruction manual which had been found the day after the crash by Mrs Gwendoline Horton in her garden at Longhorsely in Northumberland in north east England. The paper recovered from the charred cloth by Dr Hayes also matched a control sample of this owner's manual. +++

MEBO addendum:
Colin Boyd says that:" It (The Toshiba radio cassette) had already been identified by other fragments of circuit board and from the fragment of the instruction manual which had been found the day after the crash by Mrs Gwendoline Horton in her garden at Longhorsely in Northumberland in north east England. The paper recovered from the charred cloth by Dr Hayes also matched a control sample of this owner's manual."
This indicates that originally the AG/145 radio cassette fragment was depictured on the first evidence photography PI-995 at the place of the red encircled MST-13 fragment. Then by simple photomontage it was replaced by a fabricated fragment from Lumpert's brown non operational prototype MST-13 PC board.
The found items were designated on pol. label no. 168/ PI-995, as "cloth" (charred) by officers Gilchrist and McColm who signed the label.

Police label PI-995 was before label PT-95 (date 13th of January 1989) with the attached photo PI/995, PP'8932. Later the number PT-95 and the date was manipulated by *Dr. Hayes into PI-995 (date 17th of January 1989) and the text of the discription of the article "cloth" (charred) was altered into "DEBRIS" (charred), as an analysis of his *handwriting proves.
To demonstrate the liability the label was later additionally signed by 5 further officials:
Dr. Thomas Hayes; Allen Feraday; Derek Henderson; Ron McManus and Cal Mentoso.

The manipulated police label PI-995

Question: Did these persons had to take the responsibility on themselves, if the criminal fraud would be noticed? And had every of these officials to secure himself face to face of the others?
It is strange and not normal that the altered police label PI-995 was signed by 7 officials.
(Lord Advocate Fraser's order was that police labels must by signed by 2 officials).

Dr. Hayes needed the altered label PI-995 for his later falsified EXAMINATIONS side no. 51, used by him to make the fraud plausible. The original side numbers, 51 to 55, were overwritten by Dr. Hayes with no. 52 to 56!

The debris delivered to RARDE on the 17th of January 1989 were allegedly examined by Dr. Hayes and listed on the manipulated EXAMINATION page no. 51 dated belatedly as the 12th of May 1989. Together with a remnant of a grey "Slalom" T-shirt and other debris from a Toshiba radio cassette recorder. Under PT-35 (B), an unknown "fragment of a green coloured circuit board" was registered and depictured on label PI-995, PP'8932.

On the original photo PI-995, PP'8932 the red encircled fragment shows not a green MST-13 circuit board fragment designated as PT-35 (b) but a brown coloured fragment. The first evidence photography PI-995, shows the fragment of the circuit board in the original condition, before forensic sawing into two parts. The fragment comes from a MEBO prototype timer MST-13 circuit board, brown coloured and has a in-scratched, well visible letter "M" on it.

The fragment from photo PI-995, was as can be proved, not green coloured, but brown! The delivered MST-13 timer to Libya were equipped with green circuit boards.

15th of September 1989: Between the 18th of July and the 15th of September 1989 the MST-13 timer fragment was fabricated from Lumpert's brown prototype MST-13 circuit board with the letter "M" scratched on it and polaroid pictures from this manipulated timer fragment were taken by RARDE photographer Heines.

(See label *DP 137) Together with a questionable memorandum from the 15th of September 1989 Feraday handed over pictures to Williamson, Polaroid photos of a MST-13 fragment (PT-35). In the memorandum is written et al. "Enclosed are some polaroid photographs of the green circuit board. Sorry about the qualities but it is the best I can do in such a short time."
*Label DP 137 from Dumfries & Galloway Constabulary, with the original date of September 15, 19
90 was later manipulated and dated back to September 10, 1989. Therfore it must be concluded that the MEMORANDUM from the 15th of September 1989 is a belatedly written document!

MEBO: Williamson's problem was that he needed a green MST-13 Fragment PC board to etangle Libya with the PanAm crash.

MEBO comment:

Apparently Insp. Williamson was in hurry about his visit on the 20th of September 1990 to Switzerland. For the exchange of the brown into a green circuit board he needed a new Polaroid-photo from a green MST-13 fragment.
It is logic that the order for a new Polaroid-photo came from Inspector William Williamson and was transmitted to Allen Feraday.

The falsified dates make sense because they match with the registration dates of the first fabricated brown MST-13 timer fragment.
From the 12th of September 1989 on FBI Polaroid photos existed concerning the fragment of a brown MST-13 timer, fabricated out of a handmade brown PC-board (Prototyp).
To match all evidence concerning the fabricated green timer all corresponding dates had to be falsified and rebooked to 1989. (Label DP137, Polaroid photos and the memorandum of Allen Feraday (RARDE) to Insp. Williamson)!

Simple question: How is it possible that the "original"MST-13 fragment with the letter "M" on it (PT-35(b) which had been depictured for the first time - as Feraday states - between the 10th and 15th of September 1989 was already described on the 12th of Mai 1989 on Photo PI-995, together with other debris on page 51 of Feradays notebook?

22th of June 1989: A prototype of a brown colored MST-13 PC-board (circuit board) was handed over without Bolliers's knowledge to a Swiss police officer by Eng. Ulrich Lumpert (MEBO AG) for police examination. The police officer and Eng. Lumpert did at this time not know for which purpose the PC board was used!
The PC-board was handed over via the Scottish Police (officer Thomas Gilchrist, ex Witness no. 257) to experts Dr. Thomas Hayes and Allen Feraday, both acccredited at RARDE.
Notabene: it is common practice that police organisations exchange evidence among each other.
(see Affidavit of eng. Ulrich Lumpert from rthe 18th of July 2007)

12th of May, 1990: From this date on only the green MST-13 fragment (duplicate) was dealt with !
The fragment was fabricated from a green Thüring circuit board and received for the first time the RARDE designation PT-35B. This duplicate, PT-35B was sawn into two pieces in the presence of Insp. Williamson.

> The bigger part of the green fragment was designated as PT/35(b). The smaller green part was designated as DP/31(a);

> To hinder the cover-up of this manipulation the green fragment PT/35(b) was put together with the first brown part DP/31(a) and photographed as "Patchwork" PT-35B!

To implicate Libya and its official Mr. Abdelbaset Al Megrahi into the PanAm 103 bombing a green fragment was needed!

This is the reason why instead of the brown original MST-13 fragment a green MST-13 duplicate was fabricated and used as evidence by the prosecution at the court in Kamp van Zeist!
Responsible for this fraud are : Dr Thomas Hayes; Alan Feraday (RARDE); Jim Gilchrist and others...

The second part of the Appeal, starting on the 7th of July 2009, is easy to win for Megrahi's defense team. Simply the green falsified duplicate MST-13 fragment, designation PT-35 (B) without the in-scratched letter "M" must be compared with the evidence photo label PI-995, PP' 8932, and everything is clear!
(Photo PI-995 and the MST-13 fragment PT-35 (b), are kept in court archives)

Thus Dr. Hayes and his backers can finally be indicted as counterfeiters of evidence in a heavy crime …

Please see the crucial manipulation of the EXAMINATION report, Page 51 and photo PI-995 from Dr. Hayes, RARDE
Ref. PP-8932, PI/995 on our webpage:

by Edwin and Mahnaz Bollier, MEBO Ltd. Switzerland