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Document no. 651

25 June, 2009

Criminal Justice Directorate
Criminal Law and Licensing Division
Edinburgh, EH1 3DC, Scotland

Chronology of the MST-13 timer fragment:

17th of January, 1989: (Prod. no. 151) On page 106 and on top of page 107 of the report, section 6, "Concealment of the IED" (radio) is written:

"In January 1989> some fragmented and charred material was recovered by the AAIB personnel from a metallic side panel of the primary baggage container (AVE 4041 PA) where it had been rammed into the convoluted sheet metal as a result of the explosion. This material was allocated the production number AG/145" -- as referred to in section 6.2.1 below -- "and delivered to the RARDE laboratory on the 17th of January 1989". Detail: >>>

(On the 17th of January 1989, Mr. Thomas Claiden (witness no. 317) allegedly found a piece of printed circuit board, (AG/145, label 23) in the plate of container AVE 4041; handed over at RARDE.)

On the same date, January 17, 1989 leftovers of cloths designated as PT-95 were new labeled by the Scottish police with label no.168 described as "cloth".
(Items from RadioRecorder Toshiba; handbook etc. delivered with lable 24, on the 22nd or the 23rd December 1988 from Gwendoline Horton, ex Witness no. 334, to police constable Brian Walton, ex Witness no. 336, Northumbria police Alnwick, then passing to RARDE.)

A third group of fragments of debris was into a part of a blue and white Slalom T-shirt that had been in the IED suitcase no. 3127:
One item of interest was the alleged MST-13 timer fragment (Label 353). The fragment of printed circuit board extracted by Dr.Hayes from Label no. 168, that's PI-995. (Statement of Witness no.257, Thomas Gilchrist, detective constable of Strathclyde police, day 26, page 2482, Kamp van Zeist.)

The police label no. 168, was later falsified by Dr. Hayes and PT-95 became PI-995 with the same date, January 17, 1989, (before the date was 13.1.1989). The text of the discription of the article "cloth" (charred) was altered into "DEBRIS" (charred). Why?

MEBO comment: Dr. Thomas Hayes (RARDE) needed the manipulated police label no.168, now designated as "DEBRIS" (charred) (PI-995) for his later falsified EXAMINATION side no. 51, from the 12th of May, 1989!
It is provable that the manipulated side no. 51, was later used by Dr. Hayes. The original sides numbers, 51 to 55, were overwritten by Dr. Hayes with no. 52 to 56!

Original statement to photo No. 100, and side No. 51, of ex Witness No. 355, Allen Feraday, RARDE:

A--" Item PT/35 (a), assorted materials recovered from damaged cloting PI-995. These nine fragments of black plastics were recovered from a fragment of the grey 'Slalom' brand shirt (item PI/995, Section 5.1.3)."
Amongst these paper and radio fragments recovered from the grey shirt was a single fragment of a green-coloured print circuit board, now designated as item PT/35(b).

MEBO comment, NB: On the manipulated page no. 51, only a "green coloured circuit board," was mentioned but it did not say whether it was the MST-13 timer fragment. Only on the related Photo no.100 the MST-13 timer fragment is depictured (red incircled).
On this MST-13 fragment one can see clearly the letter "M" scratched in! This "M" and other technical features (not perfect solder traces, etc.) indicate doubtlessly that the MST-13 timer fragment (PT-35(b) was fabricated from a non operational MST-13 circuit PC-board (prototype), brown coloured !

22th of June 1989: A prototype of a brown colored MST-13 PC-board (circuit board) was handed over without Bolliers's knowledge to a Swiss police officer by Eng. Ulrich Lumpert (MEBO AG) for police examination. The police officer and Eng. Lumpert did at this time not know for which purpose the PC board was used!
The PC-board was handed over via the Scottish Police (officer Thomas Gilchrist, ex Witness no. 257) to experts Dr. Thomas Hayes and Allen Feraday, both acccredited at RARDE.
Notabene: it is common practice that police organisations exchange evidence among each other .

18th of July 1989: Allen Feraday and RARDE photographer Heines visited a second time FBI expert Tomas Thurman in the USA. Esplosive tests were simulated with containers and Toshiba radio recorders. If the MST-13 circuit board from Eng. U. Lumpert was included into the tests is not known.

15th of September 1989: Between the 18th of July and the 15th of September 1989 the MST-13 timer fragment was fabricated from the brown prototype MST-13 circuit board with the letter "M" scratched on it and polaroid pictures from this manipulated timer fragment were taken by RARDE photographer Heines.

(see label *DP 137) Together with a questionable memorandum from the 15th of September 1989, Feraday handed over pictures to Williamson, Polaroid photos of a MST-13 fragment (PT-35). In the memorandum is written et al. "Enclosed are some polaroid photographs the green circuit board. Sorry about the qualities but it is the best I can do in some short time."
*Label DP 137 from Dumfries & Galloway Constabulary, with the original date of September 15, 1990 was later manipulated and dated back to September 10, 1989. Therfore it must be concluded that the MEMORANDUM from the 15th of September 1989 is a belatedly written document!

Simple question: How is it possible that the "original" MST-13 fragment with the letter "M" on it (PT-35(b)) which had been depictured for the first time - as Feraday states - between the 10th and 15th of September 1989 (Photo No. 334) was already described on the 12th of Mai 1989 on Photo No. 100, together with other debris on page 51 of Feradays notebook ?

Simple answer: Pre-decided fraud carried through from the beginning to the end by a group of Scottish Officials !!!

10th of December 1989: Third visit by Allen Feraday and Scottish Detective Chief Superintendent Stuart Henderson at the FBI in the USA. If the MST-13 timer fragment was brought to the States or only the Polaroid pictures of the fragment stays open.

January, 1990: A mysterious fax, Scotbom, chapter 17:

°°° Insp. William Willimson said that Allen Feraday, the forensic examiner, had sent a fax to Henderson in January 1990, about items he found blasted into a Slalom shirt. In addition to pieces of black plastic, some wire and a piece of a instruction manual for the RT-SF16 radio were discovered.
The most significant item was a fingernail-size chip, green in color, with solder for a circuit on one side only. This chip became known as PT-35, the evidence designation placed on it by the Scots.°°°
MEBO comment: At this time the fax does not say that PT-35 was identical with the MST-13 timer fragment.

Scottish Detective Chief Superintendent, Stuart Henderson was convinced of the veracity of PT-35, the way it had been found, logged in and the fact it had not been identified even by the forensic examiners until January 1990. Although it had been blasted, it was not examined until a year after the attack.

This chip became known as PT-35, the evidence designation placed on it by by the Scots. He spoke of the efforts which led to the Swiss company MEBO.
Swiss Insp. Knaus expressed his concerns and those of Bollier. The first was that the CIA had planted the chip in the wreckage found at Lockerbie.
Henderson and I (Marquise) told him this thought had also crossed our minds. Neither of us believed the CIA or any government official would do such at thing, buth we had discussed the possibility. °°°

8th of February 1990 until 9th of March 1990: Various forensic tests with different private electronics and computer companies in the UK, among them: CIBA Geigy, NEW ENGLAND LAMINATE, YATES Circuit Foils in Cumbria, MORTON international.

23th of April, 1990: Visit from two Swiss police officers, P. Flückiger und H. Knaus, of the Swiss Federal Police (BUPO) at MEBO in Zurich. Questioning about a MST-13 timer fragment, originating from a brown Prototype circuit board, depictured on a Polaroid picture.

27th of April, 1990: As a consequence, 4 days later Inspector Keith Harrower (Scottish Police) visited on the 27th of April 1990 with the MST-13 timer fragment the electronic company Siemens AG in Munich, Germany. Engineer Brosante sawed this first brown original MST-13 fragment into two parts (Label 419) and confirmed: "standard (brown) PC-platine with 8 layers of fiberglass."

MEBO comment: The green machine made MST-13 timers (Thüring) delivered to Libya consisted of PC-boards with 9 layers of fiberglass.

Important: At this point of time the MST-13 timer fragment was not yet designated as PT-35! Under the designation PT-35 (b) on the manipulated examination-side No. 51 from the 12th of May 1989 only a "green colored circuit board" was registered. If it originated from a radio recorder or from a MST-13 timer is
unknown !

10th of May, 1990: After his visit to Siemens AG Insp. Keith Harrower based at Kirkintillok went back to Scotland and was from May 1990 on deliberately replaced by a new police officer, Det. Michael Langford-Johnson based in Glasgow. Without his knowing of already done examinations Det. Michael Langford-Johnson was ordered by Inspector William Williamson to continue fraudulent manipulations concerning the "MST-13 fragment.

This replacement of manpower was used for keeping secret the exchange of the brown MST-13 Fragment (with the "M" on it) with a green MST-13 fragment (duplicate without the "M" on it). The continuity of examinations was thus interrupted by replacing Keith Harrower by Inspector Michael Langford Johnson!

12th of May, 1990: From this date on only the green MST-13 fragment (duplicate) was dealt with!
The fragment was fabricated from a green Thüring circuit board and received for the first time the RARDE designation PT-35B.
This duplicate, PT-35B was sawn into two pieces in the presence of Insp. Williamson.

> The bigger part of the green fragment was designated as PT/35(b). The smaller green part was designated as DP/31(a);

> To hinder the cover-up of this manipulation the green fragment PT/35(b) was put together with the first brown part DP/31(a) and photographed as "Patchwork" PT-35B !

MEBO comment: These facts were recorded on two police protocols on the occasion of Edwin Bollier's visit at Mrs. Miriam Watson's office (Principal Procurator Fiscal Depute) in Dumfries UK on the 16th of September 1999 when Edwin Bollier was for the first time allowed to examine the "original" fragment in possesion of the Scottisch authorities.
Around seven months before the trial in Kamp van Zeist the brown part of the fragment DP/31(a) was deliberately carbonized to make it impossible to recognize its originally brown colour!
By this manipulation together with the remaining green fragment PT/35(b) (without the "Letter "M" on it) Libya could be implicated in the Lockerbie tragedy because the MST-13 timers delivered to Libya were equipped with green MST-13 circuit boards !...

11th of June, 1990: International Conference at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia, present: FBI, Scottish, Germany, Swiss, Malta, Swedish Police Officers and security agents.

From SCOTBOM, FBI Spezial Agent and Task Force chief Richard Marquise announces:

°°° Little more had been found in the fields around Lockerbie, the intelligence information had remained constant and no witness had come forward to tell us how the bombing took place. Without a significant break, it seemed there would be no solution to the crime.

The Scots finally told everyone else about PT-35, the fragment that appeared to have come from a circuit board, which had been blasted into the Yorkie clothing.
They had visited *55 companies around the world and had been unable to identify its source. It did not match any of the electronic components found at Lockerbie.°°°

MEBO comment: In order to be able to present a convincing investigation result, a chronology was created, before the MEMORANDUM was posted in which Feraday had informed Insp. Williamson on September 15, 1989 about the found of a circuit board.
The text and the sketch shows clearly that it was the MST-13 fragment which was photographed by Feraday for the first time on September 12, 1989 !

For this reason photo no. 100, showing a piece of a "Slalom" T-shirts and further items with the Label PI-995, PP'8932 was falsified.
By photomontage a picture from the MST-13 timer fragment with the character "M" on it was integrated.
In addition Dr Hayes and Allen Feraday created the falsified EXAMINATION page no. 51 (dated back belatedly to May 12, 1989) on which the "circuit board, green coloured" was registered as PT-35 (b).

Objection: *In this context it is important to recall that already after BUPO's visit at MEBO on the 23th of April 1990 and not prime from June 1990 on it was known: The brown circuit board with the letter "M" inscratched, shown on a Polaroid Photo to Meister and Bollier originated from a prototype MST-13 timer!
It can be concluded that the Siwss Federal Police (BUPO) had passed over thess important statements from Meister & Bollier to the Scottish police investigators.

Important: FBI Special Agent Richard Marquise led the U.S. Task Force which included the FBI, Department of Justice and the Central Intelligence Agency, managed all aspects of the investigation on the Lockerbie Case.
Mr. Marquise stated that the PT-35 circuit board was found in a piece of a "Yorkie trouser", allegedly also bought at "Mary's House" in Malta (SCOTBOM chapter 9). But he never explained why the Scots had stated it was found in a piece of a "Slalom" T-shirt ! (Because of the falsified page 51 where a Slalom T-shirt was already mentioned).

MEBO comment: The allegedly found green circuit board, registered on the manipulated examination page no. 51, most probably originates from a Toshiba radio recorder RT-8016; without a doubt not from a MST-13 timer!

The fact that the circuit board PT-35, was not found in a piece of a "Slalom"-T-shirt proves that the examination page no. 51, dated May 12, 1989, and the attributed photo no. 100, (PI-995/ PP'8932) from Dr. Hayes (RARDE) had been manipulated!
Explainable facts indicate that in the same RARDE report 181, notes from the deliberately torn out page no. 55 about parts of alleged debris were added on page no. 51.

Explanation: On photo no. 100, a piece of a "Slalom" T-shirt is depictured. Therefore the fragment of a green circuit board blasted into the "Slalom" T-shirt can not be about the MST-13 timer fragment.
The photo no. 100 was manipulated by photomontage. The originally depictured green radio recorder-circuit board was belatedly exchanged by the MST-13 timer fragment (red encircled)!

A large criminal fraud: °°°FBI ExpertTom Thurman, the agent from the explosives unit, who had been present in Lockerbie early in the investigation and had been part of the team, approached Stuart Henderson and asked if he could take photographs of PT-35 attempt to identify it. Hederson, who believed the Scots had done all they could do, agreed. What Thurman did yielded fruit within two days.

Chief Superintendent Stuart Henderson and his colleagues were on an airplane headed back to Scotland an when they arrived and heard what Thurman discovered Henderson would turn around quicker than he ever imagined.°°°

Thurman took the photographs to a technical expert John Scott Orkin at the CIA.
(K-1) was the Libya MST-13 timer which had been seized 1986 by US officer *Richard Luis Sherrow in Togo and Senegal (*ex Witness no. 528).
When Thurman examined the Fragment PT-35 he saw that the fragment was identical with the Libyan MST-13 timers.

°°°When Thurman saw it, he exclaimed "I have you now!" °°°

15th of June, 1990: °°°Thurman quickly notified officials at WFO and FBI' Headquartes of the discovery. in twenty four hours chief Stuart Henderson and Allen Feraday, were back in USA.°°°

FBI expert Tom Thurman announced in a media conference that a fragment from a "MST-13" timer from MEBO Switzerland allegedly found in the debris of PanAm 103 triggered the explosion and brought Boeing 747 down.

In two documented statements Tom Thurman states to the interviewer believably that for his examinations he had examined the MST-13 fragment (PT-35B) only on a photograph!
Tom Thurman was celebrated as "Person of THE WEEK" by ABC broadcasting ...
BBC (UK) Title: Despatches from the 17th of December 1998. Published on our webpage:

10th of September, 1990: Inspector William Williamson needed for his visit at BUPO pictures from a green MST-13 timer fragment PT-35. He urged Feraday to deliver him adequate pictures.

Together with a questionable memorandum from the 15th of September 1990, *Label DP 137, Feraday handed over pictures to Williamson, Polaroid photos of a green MST-13 fragment (PT-35). In the memorandum is written et al. "Enclosed are some polaroid photographs the green circuit board. Sorry about the qualities but it is the best I can do in some short time."

*Label DP 137 from Dumfries & Galloway Constabulary, with the original date of September 15, 1990 was later manipulated and dated back to September 10, 1989. Therfore it must be concluded that the MEMORANDUM from the 15th of September 1989 is a belatedly written document.

Excerpts from the Court-documents, Kamp van Zeist.
Witness no. 994 Mr. William Williamson, Chief Inspector, sworn statement:
A-- Yes, sir.
Q-- And if I can just quote this following account:

Members of the Scottish Lockerbie inquiry team, together with officers of the British Security Service, were making arrangements to travel to Switzerland. Their intention was to meet members of the Swiss police and intelligence service. The purpose of the meeting was to take forward a line of inquiry suggesting that the company MEBO might have been the manufactures of the MST 13 timing device. Such a device had already been identified as forming part of the improvised explosive devise responsible for the destruction of PanAm 103.

Prior to the departure of these officers, a request was made by CIA to the British Security Service to deter or delay"-- I'll read that again--" to deter or delay the members of the Scottish Lockerbie inquiry team from making the visit.
"This request was refused, and the visit proceeded as planned. Separately, officers of the CIA met with the Swiss police and intelligence service on the day before the visit made by the Scottish Lockerbie inquiry team and the British Security Service."

Now, Mr. Williamson, were you made aware of these steps to deter or delay the members of the Scottish Lockerbie inquiry team from making the visit to Switzerland?
A-- Absolutely not, sir.
Q-- These were never disclosed to you?
A-- I have no knowledge of that information you've just read out wathsoever.
Q-- Was it disclosed to you that the day before you met with the Swiss police and intelligence services on the first visit the CIA had already met with them? Mr. TURNBULL: Don't answer that.----

----Q-- Mr. Williamson, do you know of any other police officers involved as members of the Lockerbie inquiry team who visited Switzerland for the purposes of identifying wheter MEBO were manufacturers of the MST 13 timer other than yourself?
A-- Could you repeat that question?

Q-- Yes, It wasn't a very good question, Mr. Williamson. In the period in the latter part of 1990, when you were going to make inquiries in Switzerland as to wheter MEBO were the manufacturers of the MST 13 timer, are you aware whether any other police officer who was a member of the Scottish Lockerbie inquiry team made a separate visit to Switzerland to the one you made?

A-- Yes, I am aware of that, sir. Yes.
Q-- And do you know when this other visit was made?
A-- No, sir. But it was prior to my visit.
Q-- And do you know when this prior visit was made to Switzerland?
A-- The exact date, no, I have no idea, sir.----
end excerpt Kamp van Zeist

21st November, 1990: The first story in a US newspaper against Libya.
SCOTBOM: There was a story in the newspaper which infuriedated me (Marquise)! A retired CIA agent had told the media the focus of the Lockerbie investigation was no longer on Palestinaians, Syrians or Iranians but was now on Libya because of evidence which had been recovered at Lockerbie. Vincend Cannistraro, the former Deputy Director at the CIA Counterterrorism Center (CTC), who had come to few FBI-CIA meetings on the Lockerbie investigation, had retired the previous summer.

18th of July, 2007: Affidavit of Mr. Ulrich Lumpert, electronic engeneer, ex of employe at company MEBO Ltd, Telecommunication, Zurich/Switzerland. Ex a witness during the process 'Fhimah' Al Megrahi's (Lockerbie-case).
Page 4:
I am sorry for the consequences of my silence at that time for the innocent Libyan Mr. Abdelbaset Al Megrahi, sentenced to life imprisonment, and for the country of Libya. Page 4 With the information known to me I would like to put an end to the accusation that Libya is responsible for the Lockerbie Tragedy by "manufacturing" MST-13 Timer-Link with criminal intent.

Official Certification 5th of November, 2007

The manipulated police label PI-995

°°° Parts from book SCOTBOM: Evidence and the Lockerbie Investigation, 2006 by Richard A. Marquise, ex FBI Special Agent led the U.S. Task Force which included the FBI, Department of Justice and the Central Intelligence Agency. He managed all aspcts of the investigation. Algora Publishing, New York, USA. HV6431.M3649 2006

by Edwin and Mahnaz Bollier, MEBO Ltd., Switzerland