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Document no. 502

The contrary statement from the managing director of the company PCV Plastics Limited, Mr. Satariano, against Paul Gauci (ex Witness no. 598).
Ex Witness, Mr. Dennis Satariano, sworn, number 607, at Kamp van Zeist. Excerpts:

Q-- Mr. Satariano, what is your full name?
A-- Dennis Satariano.
Q-- And your address?
A-- It's 131, Flat 4, Spinola Road, St. Julians.
Q-- That's in Malta?
A-- In Malta.

Q-- Were you formerly the managing director of a company called PCV Plastics Limited in San Gran [phonetic] Industrial Estate in Malta?
A-- Yes, I was a manufacturing director.
Q-- For how long were you with that company?
A-- Since 1972 -- '71, '72.
Q-- And when did you leave the company?
A-- I left the company in 1993.
Q-- And did that company produce a range of clothing for babies?
A-- That's right.
Q--Did that include Babygro-type garments?
A-- That's right, yes.
Q-- And did you manufacture these? A--That's right. Yes, we manufactured these.

Q-- What was the distribution of these items?
A-- We produced mainly for the export market. Mainly for the British market.
Q--And was that for any particular companies in Britain?
A-- We had our distribution company in London under the name of Hellane, where Hellane used to bring us orders, we manufactured, and we exported to destination as advised by Hellane.
Q-- Were you also familiar with a company in Malta called Big Ben?
A-- Yes.
Q--And were they a wholesale company?
A-- That's right.

Q-- Did you supply 'BIG BEN' with Babygros?
A-- We did not supply it, but we had acontract with Big Ben, where he was the only purchaser to buy all our leftovers or seconds from the factory and resell according to his requirements. And would that include Babygros?
A-- Everything.
Q-- Everything. Would you look, please, at Label Number 439.
A-- Yes.
Q-- Do you see that that's a Babygro type of garment?
A-- That's right, yes.
Q-- What colour is it?
A-- This is blue. This is a blue garment.

Q-- Could we have on the screen, please, Production 181, at photograph 139. We can see on the screen a photograph of a blue Babygro with some kind of symbol on the front of it. Looking at the Babygro that's physically in front of you, is that the same Babygro we are looking at in the photograph?
A-- It looks the same, yes.
Q-- And if you look at the police label that's attached to the Babygro, do you see on it the number DC 34?
A-- That's right.

MEBO commentary:
Even the confusing interrogation of Examination in Chief, Mr. Campell, could not prevent that witness Dennis Satariano clearly confirmed that the company PVC-Plastics Limited had not supplied blue Babygrows with label no. 439 to the wholesale company 'BIG BEN'!

Mr. Paul Gauci, ex Witness number 598, sworn, made the following untrue testimonies! Court Kamp van Zeist. Excerpts:
Q-- (Paul Gauci) Are you the managing director of a company in Malta?
A-- Yes, I am.
Q-- What's the name of that company?
A-- BIG BEN.--------

Q-- Did you, as a wholesaler, distribute baby garments?
A-- Yes, we have distributed those garments.
Q-- Did you have an arrangement to receive these garments from a particular company?
A-- Yes, we did.
Q-- What was that company called?
A-- PCV.
Q-- Was the arrangement that they manufactured these garments and exported them, but that they would supply you with leftover or excess amounts which they had?
A-- We had agreements as distributors for the local market.------------

Q-- Would you look, please, at an item that will be shown to you, Label 439. Do you recognise that?
A-- Yes, I do.
Q-- What is it?
A-- This is a Babygro we used to distribute.
Q-- Is that the type of Babygro that you received from the company PCV ?
A-- One of the types, because we used to have many of these.--------

Q-- Was one of the shops to which you distributed a shop called Mary's House in Tower Road in Sliema?
A-- Yes, it was.
Q-- What was the name of the proprietor of that shop?
A-- I don't understand what you are saying.
Q-- What was the name of the owner of the shop?
A-- The name was Edward Gauci (MEBO: Gauci's father!).

Q-- Could we have Production No. 488 on the screen, please. Could we move on to the next image, please. Do you see on the screen before you an invoice?
A-- Yes, I do.
Q-- And is that an invoice from your company, Big Ben Wholesale, to Edward Gauci of Mary's House, 63 Tower Road, Sliema?
A-- Yes, it is the same invoice.
Q-- And is it dated 22 September '88?
A-- Yes, it is.
Q-- And does it include an order from you to Mr. Gauci for a quantity of baby goods, fleecy?
A-- Yes, it is.

Q-- And was the order for 12 such items?
A-- Yes, it was.
Q-- Were these baby goods, fleecy, the type of Babygro that you've been looking at today?
A-- Yes, they were the same.
Q-- Could we have Production 181, image 139, please. Do you see that that's a photograph of a Babygro of a similar type to the one you've been shown?
A-- Yes, I do.
Q-- Could you close that, please, and look at photograph 140.
Q-- Do you see that that's a close-up of the collar of the Babygro in the photograph?
A-- Yes, I do.
Q-- Do you still have before you the Babygro itself? Will you just open it up and look at the collar and at the label that's attached to the collar?
A-- Yes.

Q-- Will you confirm that the Babygro that you have before you has these details? It's the same Babygrow?
A-- Yes, I do confirm.
Q-- You can see that it's a Primark label. Age, 12 to 18 months; height, 86 centimetres.
A-- Yes.-------
Q-- Thank you. You can close that now, please.

MEBO: Another doubtful Paul Gauci statement concerns with a invoice (Production 489) from company BIG BEN, about "Abanderado" T-shirt' s, which allegedly were supplied to the same fashion shop Mary' s House.
To the memory:
The Paul Gauci's brother, Anthony Gauci gave as ex Witness no. 595, sworn, at Kamp van Zeist among other things the following statement:

Q-- Mr Gauci, Would you look at an item of clothing, Label No.459, please. Do you recognise Label 459?
A-- It's underwear, T-shirt.
Q-- What make is it?
A-- It's Abanderado make.
Q-- Did you, in 1988, stock T-shirts of that kind?
A-- Yes. Yes. When I sold this one, I didn't sell T-shirts. Perhaps sombody else was there. I never sold him a T-shirt.
Q-- You never sold the Libyan gentlemen a T-shirt?
A-- On that day, no. On that particular order, no, that we are talking about, no. He could have come another day.

His brother Paul Gauci say as Witness no. 598, sworn, among other things, at Kamp van Zeist. Excerpts:

Q-- Did you also, as wholesalers, distribute Abanderado T-shirts? (in company BIG BEN)
A-- We did.
Q-- Did you distribute these for Underwear Limited?
A-- Yes, we did.
Q-- Look, please, at Label Number 457. Is that an Abanderado T-shirt?
A-- Yes, it is.
Q-- And is that the type of T-shirt that you distributed?
A-- Yes, it is.
Q-- You told us earlier that you supplied goods to the Gaucis' shop in Sliema?
A-- Yes, I did.
Q-- Would you look now, please, at an invoice which is Production 489. If you go to the next image, please. Do we see on the screen an invoice from Big Ben, again to Gauci, Edward, Mary's House, 63 Tower Road, Sliema?
A-- Yes, I do.
Q-- And is this one dated 22 April '87?
A-- Yes, I do.

Q-- Do we see that it's for a number of different types of clothing?
A-- I did not understand the question.
Q-- Does the invoice include several different types of items of clothing?
A-- Yes, it does.
Q-- If we look at number 5, do we see that that is an item which is described as "Gents T-shirts"?
A-- Yes.
Q-- And is it referred to as item number 196?
A-- Yes, I confirm.
Q-- And if we look across to the quantity delivered to Mr. Gauci's shop of these T-shirts, is it given as 18?
A-- Yes, it does.
Q-- You can close that, please, now, and open Production No. 490. If Your Lordships would allow me a moment. Do we see that that's an invoice from your company to the same shop: Gauci, Edward, Mary's House, 63 Tower Road, Sliema?
A-- Yes.
Q-- And again, do we see that this one is dated 29 March 1988?
A-- Yes. Q-- And is it item 196 again?
A-- Yes, it is.
Q-- And is it for"Gents T-shirts"?
A-- Yes, it is.
Q-- Is the quantity on this occasion 132?
A-- Yes, it is.
Q-- Thank you.

MEBO commentary:

1.> From Invoice Prod. 488 can not be conculded that the specific blue babygrow was delivered to the boutique Mary's House!

2.> From Invoice Prod. 489 can not be concluded that T-shirts label "Abanderado" were delivered to the Boutique Mary's House!

These invoices/delivery notes from the company 'BIG BEN' were all fake! In this light the following questions have to be answered: Were the Gauci brothers bribed for giving wrong evidence and manipulating evidence?

Did Paul Gauci as Managing Director of the Company 'BIG BEN' and participator of boutique "Mary's House" in Malta belately produce the desired invoices on behalf of Detective Superintendent of Scottish Police, Henry Woods Bell?
Was the babygrow and the "Abanderado T-shirt" actually bought in London and belately by an unknown UK offizier in July 1988 subversively linked to "Mary's House"?

Mr. Abdelbaset al Megrahi and Libya are intitled to get their honour back by a clear decision of the appeal court due to start on the 28th of April 2009!

Mr. Megrahi said: "This is the real way to clear my name before I go back to my homeland Libya." Mr. Al-Megrahi has consistently maintained his innocence and has vowed to stay in Scotland and win his freedom through the appeal courts.
MEBO has already disposed of all the needed exonerating evidence to the Defence Team and the High Court.
Please watch the film documentation from 3news shortly available in full length via a Link on this webpage.

Brings the Gauci brothers 10 years in the prison!