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Document no. 504

To the memory of FBI Special Agent und Task Force Chief Richard A. Marquise, PART 1:

Ex Witness no. 528, Richard Louis Sherrow, was primary a special officer for explosive ordonance disposal in the United States Army. In November 1984 he left the army and took up a position as an explosives enforcement officer at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, a law enforcement agency within the USA.

In the end of 1986 officer Sherrow in company of Mr. Owen and Mr. Casay, went to Lome, Togo (West Africa) in order of the US-Department of State.

Sherrow and company were taken to the headquarters, army barracks and were shown explosives, firearms, ammunition, military equipment and took some photographs from 2 MEBO MST-13 electronic timers.

Trial Kamp van Zeist excerpt:
Q-- And did there come a stage where you were considering returning to the United States?

(Witness 528, Richard Sherrow)
A-- Yes.
Q-- And at that stage did you express any interest in taking any of the items back with you?
A-- Yes, sir.

Q-- What were you interested in taking with you?
A-- I was interested in the timers, also in samples of explosives.
Q-- Did you liaise with anybody as to whether it would be possible to do that?
A-- Yes.
Q-- Who was that?
A-- The State Department representative, the embassy personnel.
Q-- Now, the State Department representative, was that somebody who had travelled with you from the United States?
A-- Yes.
Q-- Was it Mr. Casey?
A-- Yes, it was.
Q-- I see.

And what was the result of these negotiations?
A-- Subsequently, we were allowed to -- I was allowed to take one timer and a sample of, I believe, three different types of explosives.
Q-- Thank you. And how were these items taken away from Togo?
A--They were placed in the United States diplomatic pouch and returned.
Q-- And who had custody of that?

A-- Mr. Casey.
Q-- So does it follow from that, then, that the items which you were given permission to remove were taken from the country in his custody?
A-- Yes, sir.
Q-- And on your return to the United States, did you see any of the these items again?
A-- Yes, I did. Once we returned to the United States, they were turned over to my custody.
Q-- I see. Was that all of the items?
A-- es, sir.

Q-- And therefore including the timer?
A-- Yes, sir.
Q-- How many timers did you remove?
A-- Only one.
Q-- And what did you do with it when you returned to the United States?
A-- I examined it at the headquarters of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, performed bench tests, functioning tests.

Q-- Did you photograph it at the headquarters?
A-- Yes, I did.
Q--Had you also photographed that some timer in Lome?
Q--And having performed these tests and photographed it, what did you then do with it?
A-- I was requested to take it to CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia, and give a briefing on what I found.
Q-- And did you do that?
A-- I did.

Q-- And did you take the timer with you in order to give that briefing?
A-- Yes.
Q--Did you return to your own headquarters after that briefing?
A-- I did, yes.
Q-- And did you take the timer back with you?
A-- No, I didn't. That was released to their custody.

MEBO important:
On the MST-13timer PC-board was printed the name of the manufacturer, MEBO Ltd. Thus Richard Luis Sherrow and the CIA knew the manufacturer and the address since the beginning of 1987! This explains why the UK expert of RARDE Mr. Allen Feraday contactet the Swiss Federal Police, this visited MEBO Ltd (Ing. Lumpert) about the MST-13timer on the 22 June 1989.

by Edwin Bollier, MEBO Ltd. Switzerland