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Document no. 511

To BAZ and all who surely will enjoy a short summary of my work:

Only a meticulous and detailed analysis of all related documents and evidence can really demonstrably cover up all the manipulations and falsifications executed by professional experts. This is the reason why my explanations are sometimes hard to follow and can't just be described in a few words. But here is a short summary:

1. RARDE was in possession of a fragment of a Toshiba Recorder (AG/145) that was allegedly found in Lockerbie. This fragment you can see on a picture on Thomas Thurmans forefinger. With the numbers 101 and LI08 on it. This fragment was allegedly delivered to RARDE on the 17th of January 1989.

In the beginning it was planned to blame the PFLP-GC for the attack. But there remain many questions open how the fragment AG 145 came into possession of RARDE and Dr. Thomas Hayes und Allen Feraday. All my research about the falsification of documents and police labels and my timers makes me simply believe that it was never really found in Lockerbie and mixed with the itmes Mrs Gwendoline Horton found a few days after the crash near her house. Mrs Horton found a complete Toshiba instruction manual that was later torn into pieces when shown on a picture to her at the trial in Camp van Zeist. So it is even very likely that the itmes she found were planted there by someone.

2. Later when it was decided that not the PFLP-GC but the Libyans should be the scapegoats the fragment AG/145 was exchanged by a MEBO fragment from a brown non functioning prototype MST-13 timer (police no. PT-35B) that MEBO engineer Ulrich Lumpert had handed over without my knowledge to the Swiss investigators. From Berne it made its way to Scotland by Gilchrist or Henderson or Allen Feraday after June 1989 and to RARDE.
It was photographed by RARDE photographer Heines (as PT-35B) and concerning this point Richard Marquise is not lying that the fragment MST-13 was never in the States. Only the picture from PT-35B was brought to the States by Feraday. But more was not needed because the americans were already in possession of a green MST-13 timer confiscated by the CIA in Senegal or Togo where the Libyans had sold some of the functioning green MST-13 timers to. Richard Marquise admitted that they had already a MST-13 timer in America.

When I was shown picture with the MST-13= (PT-35B) fragment for the first time in Zurich by the Swiss police in autumn 1990 in the presence of Scottish and American investigators my partner Erwin Meister and me gave to record that the picture depicted a non functioning prototype of a MST-13 timer.

From now on Scottisch and American investigators realized that Lumperts MST-13 timer was not operable and never sold to Libya. Now all the manipulation to exchange the brown against a green MST-13 fragment began. The Americans had at least one.
That ended up in a mix of a little charred brown part and a bigger green part of the MST-13 timers as I could clearly see with my own eyes when in 1999 I was finally allowed to see the allegedly found MST-13 fragment in procurator Watson's office in Dumfries. My complaint against this further manipulation was supressed. The MST-13 fragments was shown to me a second time at the trial in Kamp van Zeist and I immediately said to the jugde: "This is not the MST-13= PT-35/b fragment I have seen before." Also Polaroidphoto picture of PT-35B has officially disappeared. You can find a copy of PT-35 on my main homepage. I'm sorry it is hard to find:

Go to www. -> below the name of Allah -> link to main portal URL, MEBO webpage -> scroll down more than half of the entire homepage until -> Lockerbie the biggest fraud in the history of Scottland -> click on more information -> scroll nearly to the bottom of this page and you will find PP 8932/PI 995. At the place of the red circle originally AG/145 was depictured and then replaced by photomontage with the brown prototype MST-13 timer from Lumpert.