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Document no. 497

At a meeting in June 1989 with Swiss Federal Police (BUPO) in Bern a piece of rectangle tissue was handed over to a Scottish Officer of the same blue baby-overall that Bollier had given to the "Car-Driver" Mr. Ali at Tripoli/Libya.

Bollier had bought this baby-overall in Zurich (Jelmoli). Additionally handed over to the same Scottish officer: a copie of Bollier's ticket from Tripoli to Malta/Luqa Airport at the 20th of December 1988 and a brown MST-13 timer PC-board from Eng. Lumpert. Bollier had not used the ticket because he managed to get a direct flight to Zurich on the same day.

MEBO information: The "subversively" use of an blue baby-overall (Babygrow) was developed from Swiss telephone conversation police monitoring, December 14-22, 1988 between Bollier and Mr. Ali, a driver in Tripoli and have nothing to do with the PanAm 103 attack! (It concerned Ali's order of a blue baby-overall, size for its 1.5-2 year old for his baby son.)

From the courts protocol in Kamp van Zeist, day 53, one can see that a unknown officer (presumably Detective Superintendent Jim Gilchrist, Scottish Police, or Allen Feraday RARDE) had in July 1989 started police investigations in Malta concerning i.a. a blue baby-overall.

Excerpts (Kamp van Zeist)
Day 53
September 29, 2000
--- Proceedings commenced at 9.45 a.m.
THE CLERK: Call the diet, Her Majesty's Advocate against Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed Al Megrahi and Al Amin Khalifa Fhimah. Take your seat, gentlemen, please.
LORD SUTHERLAND: Advocate Depute.
MR. CAMPBELL: My Lords, I now move to recall number 344, Henry Woods Bell.
THE MACER: Number 344 on the Crown list, My Lord, Henry Woods Bell.
LORD SUTHERLAND: Mr. Bell, you are still under oath. Do you understand? A-- Yes, My Lord.
LORD SUTHERLAND: Advocate Depute.
Q-- Mr. Bell, I think you told us on the previous occasion when you gave evidence that you are now a Detective Chief Superintendent in the Scottish Criminal Records Office in Glasgow?
A-- That's correct, sir. Yes.
Q-- And were you involved in the investigation into the destruction of PanAm 103? And what rank did you hold at that time?
A-- I was Detective Chief Inspector at that time.
Q-- Did the investigation extend to Malta in 1989?
A-- That's correct.

Q-- And was contact made with the police authorities in Malta in the course of 1989?
A-- Yes, that's correct.
Q-- As a result of that, on the 11th of September 1989, did you yourself attend at a meeting in Malta?
A-- I did. Yes.
Q-- Who was present at that meeting?
A-- The deputy prime minister of Malta, Mr. de Marco, the police commissioner.
Q-- What was his name?
A-- Mr. Calleja. The deputy police commissioner, and I can't recall his name at this time; the assistant police commissioner, now police commissioner, George Grech; Inspector Godfrey Scicluna, who is now a superintendent; Inspector Alphonse Gauci. And there was two other inspectors, I believe, along with other officers from abroad. These were.
Q-- Were there officers from other countries present?
A-- That's correct. Yes.
Q-- From which countries?
A-- There was two officers from the FBI, America; two officers from the BKA, Germany; and a number of officers from Lockerbie Inquiry Team.
Q-- What was the purpose of this meeting?
A-- The purpose of the meeting was to brief the Maltese authorities and to seek permission and authority to make inquiry in Malta regarding the air disaster. There had been a previous inquiry the *month before, or in July of that year, by another officer, in relation to the recovery of a Babygro which could be related back to the island of Malta.
*(MEBO: It was center of july).+++

This *visit in July, as the visit of officer Henry Woods Bell before the 11th of September 1989 by Scottish or UK investigators in Malta (concerning the blue baby-overall) were not authorized by international legal assistance and were therefore illegal. It was also not fair opposite to other investigation teams, from the FBI or the BKA Germany for example. Also if they have been approved later by Maltese Deputy Prime Minister Mr. de Marco.

The same thing with the handing over of evidence to the Scottish Police in June 1989 in Bern. The Scottish demand for international legal assistance (19th of September 1990) was granted officially on the 30th of October 1990 by the Swiss Police Administration. The handing over of evidence was illegal, in other words: intelligence style !

The blue baby-overall had not been fabricated in Malta and at a visit at Tony Gauci's "Mary House" none such baby-overall was found. But 5 other blue babygrows instead were taken which had been fabricated and sold in Malta.

Why did an unknown offizier because of a baby-overall not originating from Malta (Swiss mark) travel of all things to Malta?

To create a link from allegedly found evidence in Lockerbie to Malta?

Eventually also to connect Bollier's und MEBO's business relations with Libya to the bombing of PanAm 103? With fabricated evidence of a blue baby-overall, a brown MST-13 timer handed over by Eng. Lumpert (unfortunately not the same green one's Bollier had delivered to Libya and a flight ticket from the 20th of December Bollier fortunately had not used (although urged to use it). Imagine he would have used it ! Megrahi and Bollier would have sitten on the dock.

Later from the 11th of September 1989 on the illegal "investigations" of the Scottish officials were integrated into the international legal assistance granted by Malta!

This sequence shows clearly that the whole Malta story is an invention and was fabricated with falsified intelligence "evidence"!

by Edwin Bollier, MEBO Ltd, Switzerland