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Document no. 496

The mysterious premature visit of an unknown UK Officer's to Malta in 1989

At the trial in Kamp van Zeist was revealed that an unknown UK Officer was in *July or August 1989, before Malta had granted international legal assistance to Britain in Malta. His investigations were in relation with the recovery of a babygrow which could be related back to the island of Malta.*(MEBO: It was center of july).

MEBO's inqueries show that this UK Officer visited the Yorkie Clothing Company in Malta. After their examination of a piece of a remnant from a Yorkie troucer (allegedly found in Lockerbie) he was told that 20 pairs of such troucers had been delivered on the 18th of Novermber 1988 to the boutique "Mary's House". (Prod. delivery note 424)

If the unknown officer had visited Anthony und Paul Gauci before is at the moment unknown. Anyway afterwards the officer visited the whole sale company "Big Ben" with a blue remnant. This company said to have delivered such blue babygrows (from the company PVC) to Mary's House on the 22th of September 1988. (Label 439, Invoice Prod. 488) Paul Gauci was Managing Director of "Big Ben" at that time !

With great probability the unknown UK officer had covertly contacted the Gauci brothers to prepare the ground for the Gauci brothers collaboration in the "Lockerbie affair, prior the also very questionable interrogation of Police Officer Henry Woods Bell between September 1 - 8, 1989".

NB: In none of the court protocols the name of the unknown officer is mentioned and he question remains open: Was this unknown officer an agent of an intelligence agency?

Excerpt from the book Scotbom: Evidence and the Lockerbie Investigation by US Task Force and FBI Special Agent Richard A. Marquise:
By late August 1989, RARDE had identified a number of "category one" items which they opined had been in or near the primary cause of the explosion.
These items included the baby's romper suit, some Yorkie brand trousers, a cardigan sweater, a herringbone patterned sport jacker and a pajama top.
Little information had been received from the intelligence community. While no one gave it much consideration at the time, no intelligence agency played an active role in this conference or the earlier one in Scotland...

MEBO comment:
Allen Feraday/RARDE and FBI forensic agent Thomas Thurman (and others) conducted explosion-tests in the USA, using TNT and Semtex H, airfreight-containers, Toshiba radio-recorders type RT 8016/SF16-Bombeat and Samsonite Silhouette 4000 suitcases (made in Denver, Colorado) filled with the Malta clothing, etc. (perhaps using the brown MST-13 PC-board from Lumpert) that were subjected to the explosion, with most such activities being photographically recorded:>>>

1.) by FBI Polaroidphotos; (liable for: Thomas Thurman)

2.) by photos from Stephan Haines, the RARDE photographer.

According to statement of ex Witness no. 355, Mr. Allen Feraday, (RARDE, Defense Research Agency Division at Fort Halstead) (sworn statemements):
Q-- I believe you were accompanied to these tests by Stephan Haines, the RARDE photographer?
A-- that's correct sir. Yes.
Q-- Did he photograph the results of these tests?
A-- He did indeed, sir.Yes.
Q-- And do you know where these photographs are now, Mr. Feraday?
A-- well, they were certainly at Fort Halstead when I last saw them, and all the negatives are there. ----

Notabene: The court and the defense of Megrahi/Fhimah were not in the possession of the photos on this time! For the Court and the Defence legal proceedings, all these photosgraphs (negatives) are still kept under security closure at Fort Halstead!

In advance: It was an elaborated script with the help from scottish officials, to incriminate Libya with the bombing of PanAm 103. Western intelligence services were involved into a conspiracy against Libya ...
Similarities with the document "under national security" are purely "accidental"...

by Edwin Bollier, MEBO Ltd, Zurich Switzerland