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Document no. 498

Since August 1990, definitely a wrong date was created (7th of December, 1988) in order to accuse deliberately the libyan official Mr. Abdelbaset al Megrahi as the buyer of the cloths in "Mary's House".

A further proof from MEBO that the sale of dresses in Anhony Gauci "Mary's House" took undoubtedly place on Wednesday, 23th of November 1988 by a supposedly Libyan buyer:

Tony Gauci told Bollier on 25.01.2008 in Malta, that the 2 pieces of pyjamas, label "John Mallia", were the last two pyjamas he had sold to a Libyan in his shop. On the other day, the 24th of November 1988, Gauci by phon ordered at the company "John Mallia" additionally 8 pieces of the same pyjamas. The 8 pyjamas were delivered on the 25th of November 1988 with the calculation/delivery note, dated 25th of November 1988 to Gauci' s Mary' s House at Sliema Malta. Prod. 477-1.

The day after Wednesday, December 7, December 8, 1988 was an official public holiday (Immaculate Conception Day) and the "John Mallia" company was closed. But the day after November 23, November 24, 1988 was not an official public holiday, the company "John Mallia" was open.

Court at Kamp van Zeist, Excerpt:
MR. CAMPBELL: The next witness is 606, Paul Mallia.
THE MACER: Paul Mallia, Your Lordship.
Q-- Mr. Mallia, what is your full name?
A-- Paul Mallia.
Q-- And your address?
A-- It's 4 Marina Court, Sliema Road, Malta.
Q-- What is the name of the company?
A-- It's John N. Mallia & Son Limited.
Q-- Would you look, please, at Label 445. Do you see that the bag contains a pair of pyjamas?
A-- These are the pyjamas we used to manufacture back in that time.
Q-- Could we have on the screen, please, Production 181, photograph 134. You see there a photograph of a pair of pyjamas. Can you confirm, first of all, that that's a photograph of the pyjamas that you have physically in front of you?
A-- Yes, it is.

Q-- Are you familiar with a shop called Mary's House in Tower Road, Sliema?
A-- Yes. He is one of our clients.
Q-- Did you supply that shop with goods?
A-- Yes, we do.
Q-- Would you look, please, at Production 501. Focus in on the label at the top of the page, please. We see that that label describes what we are about to look at as an invoice. If we move on, please, to the next image, image 1. Do we there see a carbon-copy invoice from your records, John N. Mallia & Son Limited?
A-- Yes.
Q-- And do we see that it's dated 31st October 1988?
A-- Yes, that's correct.
Q-- And it's to Mary's House?
A-- Yes.
Q-- In Sliema. And do we see that included in the order is a quantity of 16 men's pyjamas?
A-- Yes.

Q-- If you can close that, please, and look now at Production 500. Do we see that this label tells us that this, too, is a receipt. And if -- an invoice, I'm sorry. And if we move to image 1, we again see that this is a carbon copy invoice from your records. Is this one dated the 25th of November 1988?
**A-- Yes, that's correct.
Q-- And again, is it to Mary's House in Sliema?
A-- Yes.
Q-- And in this case the item -- the items in it is a quantity of eight men's pyjamas?
A-- Yes.

**(MEBO: This order made by Gauci on 24th of November 1988, by telephone).

Excerpt: described by Gauci.
Question: Q-- And if we can have Production 4771, do we see that that's a similar invoice to your shop from John Mallia dated 25th November 1988 for eight pairs of pyjamas?
Answer: A-- Yes. I used to buy stock, and when it finished, I used to buy -- I used to phone often. It's an item that is quite sold in winter.

Mr. Abdelbaset al Megrahi was not in Malta on Wednesday, 23th of November 1988, thus Mr. Megrahi is definetely not the buyer of the dresses !

by Edwin and Mahnaz Bollier, MEBO LTD, Switzerland