19th of December, 2009

The second part of the chronology:
"The Fraud of the MST-13 (PT-35) fragment" is ready

21th of November, 2009

The first part of the chronology from a convincing study about the fraud of the MST-13 timer fragment (PT-35) for the last "non-believers" is ready

1st of November, 2009

A convincing study on the fraud of the PT-35 (MST-13 timer fragment) for the last "non-believers".

The confrontation between the regular chronology (1989 to 2000) of the MST-13 timer circuit Board (prototype), supposedly discovered in Lockerbie, and the fake and manipulated chronology (1989 to 2000) of the PT-35 (MST-13) Circuit Board, from the expert Tom Thurman (FBI), United States, Thomas Heyes, and Allen Feraday, both from (RARDE) UK and from some person from Scottish Police, is in work in process and will shortly be published.

Some of the Scottish Officials are the true criminals in the Lockerbie Affair are responsible for manipulating evidence in the Lockerbie Affair and are still protected by the Scottish Justice ! (They are not involved in the PanAm 103 bombing, but responsible for the conspiracy against Libya).

Notices the words from ex FBI Task Force chief Richard Marquise for those it applies: If someone manipulated evidence, if somebody didn't invesitgate something that should have been investigated, if somebody twisted it to fit up up Megrahi, or Fimah or Libya, then that person will go to jail. I mean that sincerely, that person should be prosecuted for that!

October 19th, 2009

Lockerbie: the truth is finally coming out...

Slowly Pandora's box is opening and it becomes obvious that British and US secret services were actively participating in involving Libya and its official, Mr Abdelbaset Al-Megrahi, into the Lockerbie tragedy!

Michael Meacher's blog says:

What the legal documents reveal is that the key prosecution witness, Tony Gauci, a Maltese shopkeeper, and his brother had been secretly given rewards of $3 million in a deal discussed by Scottish detectives and the US Government. Gauci had given the crucial evidence at the trial declaring that Megrahi had bought clothes later used in the suitcase that allegedly contained the Lockerbie bomb. No other evidence connected Megrahi to the bomb.

Now for the first time these latest documents disclose that in 1989 the FBI told the Scottish police that they wanted to offer Tony Gauci "unlimited money" and $10,000 straightaway. The US Justice Department was also asked to pay a further £1 million to Gauci's brother who did not give evidence, but halped to identify the clothing and to "maintain the resolve of his brother". The implications of these revelations are sensational.

These secret payments were brought to light by the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission, with many references contained in the private diaries of the detectives involved, though not in their official notebooks. Other highly relevant evidence is made known for the first time by these documents. They disclose that in 23 police interviews before the trial Gauci gave contradictory evidence about the person buying the clothes, his age, appearance, and the date of purchase.

SCCRC: "Malta material", concerning miscarriage of justice:

Extract from DCI Bell Diary (HOLMES version) (28/9/1989) [SCCRC Appendix: chapter 23/3] which indicates that on 28th September 1989 the FBI discussed with the Scottish Police an offer of unlimited money to Tony Gauci, with $10,000 being available immediately.

Memo from DCI Bell to DSIO Gilchrist (21/2/1991). Message M2616 from DSIO Gilchrist to DCI Bell (21/2/1991) The above memo was sent in response to this message, instructing Bell to report whether Gauci had been approached re inclusion in US witness protection programme.

Letter from SIO to Maltese police security branch (18/8/1999). Advises that Paul & Tony Gauci have now been accepted onto the witness protection programme and gives details of (Strathclyde police) contact officer.

Further Letter re Application for Reward (19/4/2002, SCCRC). - $ 2mio for witness no. 595, Tony Gauci and $ 1mio for witness no. 598, Paul Gauci...

The sheer mockery:
FBI Task Force Chief Richard Marquise answered Gideon Levy's question: R.M.: I can tell you that now money was paid to any witness, any witness prior to the trial. No promise of money was made to any witness prior to the trial. G.L.: And was there paid any money after he trial? R.M.: I'm not gonna answer that...

MEBO's 100% evidence: The sale of clothes took demonstrably place on 23rd of November 1988 Mr Megrahi was not in MALTA at this date! All other evidence can be neglected... The sales date accepted by the judges - 7th of December 1988 - is definitely wrong! See MEBO document no. 498 and Eng. Lumpert's Affidavit about the crucial MST-13 circuit board, on our website.

A goal: that open the document under National Security! More classified material is published soon.

3rd of October, 2009

Is the dropping of the successful promising Lockerbie appeal invalid and must be set back to the status from 19/20 August, 2009?

Professor Dr. Hans Koechler, UN Observer during "Lockerbie trial" held in Kamp van Zeist points out a servere error, which was not happening for the first time:

According to Scottish law, it is NOT necessary that a convicted shall with drawal his demand for reappeal in order to profit from a so called "compassionate release". Such with drawal would have been necessary only, if Mr Adelbaset Al Megrahi would have been returned to his home country on the basis of the agreement between Libya and Great Britain referring to the mutual transfer of prisoners.

It lacks of any reason, that Mr Megrahi has abandoned his right, that the reappeal-procedure shall continue also in the case of his sudden death. It is well possible, that Mr Megrahi was not informed/consulted correctly during his stay in prison. There is a vital danger, that this fatal error will deeply influence the jurisdiction in the case in question.

Professor Dr Koechler explained to me personaly, that it is a generaly accepted principle of right, that such decision is only valid, wehn this desicion has been made in full liberty. Professor Koechler has furthermore immediately after the desicion of with drawal was made public asked, that all circumstances, which have lead to this desicion must be 100% cleared-including the role, which was "played" by his (Megrahi's) defense-team!

MEBO states the following: The publication of Mr Megrahi's appeal-documents on his internet-webpage for the sake of clearing his name is a clear indice, that the "dropping" of his appeal was NOT based on his free will:

Why so? / Possible answers

1. Mr Megrahi was not protected to absolutely avoid a legally wrong decision by the present lawyer Tony Kelly;

2. Mr Megrahi was possibly set under drugs which resulted in the fact, that his medical ability was out of control;

3. Mr Megrahi was intentionable wrongfully informed about his legal possibilities ;

4. Mr Megrahi was blackmailed by facts, which have nothing to do with the PanAm 103 attack and were clearly aimed do drop the appeal;

5. It would have been the clear duty of the Lord Advocates at the appeal court in Edinburgh, to learn Mr Megrahi, that a dropping of the appeal-issue would not influence the 'compassionate release'!

In a TV interview with Al Jazeera, Libyan Leader Muammar Gaddafi has denied any deal was done to secure the release of the only man, Abdelbaset Al Megrahi, convicted of the Lockerbie bombing and this problem ended.
He said also: "It is not possible anymore to talk about clearing Libya or not Mr. Megrahi was the only person who had the right to appeal to the European Court, but as I said because of his illness and release it seems that there is no need for an appeal".

In a other interview: With regard to Lockerbie case, Leader Gaddafi said that Libya has not accepted culpability, and only took responsibility for the actions of its citizens. "We never acknowledged any guilt ... and Libya was never indicted in any court as responsible!"

MEBO states that the Leader of Libya Mr Gaddafi was intentionable wrong informed by his Scottish solicitors!

Firstly, Mr Megrahi would not have been forced in this moment in time to apply the European Court, since the dropping of his appeal, and if this would be the fact, the High Court in Edinburgh would fully remain in duty.

Mr Abdelbaset Al Megrahi personaly, his family, the Libyan People, the families of the victims of PA 103 and any person and/or organization, who suffered either morally or financially, like MEBO, from this tragedy are definitely asking for a true, rightful and final decision of the second appeal on the High Court in Edinburgh!

We ask Mr Al Megrahi to use his good and guaranteed right with draw the wrongful dropping of his appeal, stating a declaration dated from 19/20 August, 2009 which should be formulated and substantiated by his Libyan lawer and then immediadely submitted to the Scottish Justiciary in Edinburgh!

In order to restaurate the prestige and the honour of Libya and the whole Libyan People we again ask the respective unknown government (possible Switzerland or Germany) which has delivered to the United Kingdom, on September 13, 1996, a document under 'National Security' (PII), please give to Justice Secretary MacAskill the granted permission for opening PII for exoneration Libya's and public interests.

If Megrahi not make use of its right and will take back the dropping of his appeal -- the internationally media and the victim families of PA-103 will say -- the Megrahi's transfair was definitive dependent from a BP oil deal between UK and Libya...

by Edwin and Mahnaz Bollier

Mr. Abdelbaset Al Megrahi "innocence proof" could clear his name on >>> www.megrahimystory.net

Scottish police officers took an active role in the MST-13 timer affair (PT-35) and in seeking a US$ 3 mio-plus reward pay out, for the key witness Tony Gauci and his brother, in the Lockerbie bombing trial!

MISSION LOCKERBIE, 13th of September, 2009

The LOCKERBIE-CASE is the Biggest Fraud in the History of Scotland!

The crucial evidence for the indictement of Libya, Megrahi and Fhimah; the MST-13 timer planted in Lockerbie originates from Eng. Lumpert's handmade prototype MST-13 timer printed circuit board (PC-board) given via the Swiss police, without Bollier's knowing, to the Scottish police. This handmade brown coloured prototype timer circuit board was not yet operable because no electronic parts were soldered on!
When the Scottish police noticed, after Bollier's personal interview, that they had planted a brown coloured timer (not delivered to Libya), they exchanged one part of Lumpert's MST-13 timer fragment by a fragment fabricated from a machine made green coloured Thüring board, confiscated in Zurich at Thüring. Thüring had delivered green coloured MST-13 timer circuit boards to MEBO which were later installed in the MST-13 timers sold to Libya. All these manipulations can be traced back and are provable beyond any doubt by MEBO, the manufacturer of MST-13 timers.

Production photos from the duplicate MST-13 circuit PC-board from the green Thüring PC-boards; the design is the same as the prototype MST-13 PC-board, but colour green and industrial fabricated; Notabene: With attributs PT-35B; PT-35(b); DP-31(b) starting from 12th of May 1990 on.

IMAGE, prod. U/7946
see legende c;---q;---r;
Thüring MST-13 circuit PC-board;
mark: c.....without the letter "M";
mark: q.....perfect soldering lines;
mark: r.....defect solderpoint;
mark: f.....the curve was not removed.

IMAGE 2: This picture shows a green Thüring MST-13 printed circuit PC-board. The curve "f" on the corner not yet being milled out indicates clearly that the PC-board does also not originate from a MST-13 timer ready for operation. A specific damage of material probably caused by an explosion on the solderpoint "r" indicates clearly that from this empty circuit board the green MST-13 fragment was fabricated. The form of the damaged "r" on the empty PC-board of the Thüring board is congruent with the form of the damaged "r" of the MST-13 fragment on IMAGE 3.

IMAGE, prod. U/7948:
the manipulated green duplicate MST-13 timer fragment PT-35>B, without the letter "M".

This manipulated MEBO MST-13 timer fragment No. PT-35B used for the incrimination of Libya and its official Mr. Abdelbaset Al Megrahi, in the PanAm 103 bombing was produced by Scottish Officials!
The Lockerbie case was founded on twin pillars: one, that al-Megrahi was linked to a charred fragment of a MST-13 bomb timer; and second, his identification was "claimed" by a man who could not be sure of his evidence.
(see MEBO's Affidavit and our document no.498)

Secretary of justice, Kenny MacAskill said a Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission report could be made public if those who gave evidence granted their permission.
The independent commission concluded Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi may have been the victim of a miscarriage of justice.

MEBO and its owner Edwin Bollier approved that the Secretary of justice, Mr. MacAskill, can publish all exoneration proofs delivered from MEBO to the SCCRC.
Additional: Request of the unknown state which had delivered in 1996, under national security, a document to the Crown Office, about the clear facts over the MEBO MST-13 Timer fragment (Polaroidphoto picture, Scottish Police no. PT/35B).

Please give to the Crown and to the secretary of justice Mr. McAskill the granted permission for opening the document under national security!
With this act you will support the truth, the fact that Libya and its official Mr. Megrahi have nothing to do with the Lockerbie Tragedy!

We believe that a good friendship and business future will be secured with Libya.

by Edwin and Mahnaz Bollier, MEBO Ltd., Switzerland

MISSION LOCKERBIE: 2nd of September 2009

The dropping of the successful promising "Lockerbie appeal" was the central part for the freedom of Mr. Abdelbaset Al Megrahi!

Behind the surprising release of the innocent Mr. Abdelbaset Al Megrahi, did not stand an "Oil Deal" nor a "Prisoner Transfer Agreement" with Libya, but the FEAR of Scotland's and Great Britain's, before the result and open secrets of the current Appeals (miscarriage of justice) and the following damages compensation from Libya up to 40 billion US$!

For this legal mission the secretary of Scottish Judiciary, Kenny MacAskill, needed from Mr. Megrahi, the dropping of the successful promising "Lockerbie-Appeal" and a medical certificate for a maximum 3 months life span. The truth is: The "Lockerbie-Affair" (not the PanAm 103 tragedy) was a UK conspiracy against Libya!
Mr. Megrahi persisted on its innocence and will clear his name. He wants to start a limited criminal investigation over the manipulated circumstantial evidences in relation to the newest defence evidences. Possible in Scotland or a larger EU or United Nations investigation into the case. Mr. Megrahi cannot be undoubtedly the Lockerbie Bomber !

Some of the Scottish Officials are the true criminals in the "Lockerbie Affair";: ex-forensic scientist Dr. Thomas Hayes (RARDE) UK, ex-forensic expert Allen Feraday (RARDE) UK and three known persons of the Scottish police are responsible for manipulating evidence in the Lockerbie Affair and are still protected by the Scottish Justice! (They are not involved in the PanAm 103 bombing, but responsible for the conspiracy against Libya).

The large chance for Mr. Megrahi is coming to be cleared up with a complete investigation in the Lockerbie-Conspiracy against Libya. The honour of Mr. Megrahi and the prestige of Libya must be finally repaired. Libya and its Official Mr. Megrahi have nothing to do with the Lockerbie tragedy!

The Scottish "Lockerbie-Trial" in Kamp van Zeist, was far from fair and proper!

The Conservative Leader, David Cameron calls on 1st of September 2009 for a Lockerbie inquiry!

21 of August, 2009


HE is above plots of the aggressors; And HE is the best HELPER of the oppressed !

Mr Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed Al Megrahi

who is definitely not
the PanAm 103 bomber

is free ...

Mr. Abdelbaset Al Megrahi, cordially welcome in your homeland Libya. We wish you to get well soon.

MISSION LOCKERBIE: August 20, 2009

Judges have accepted Mr. Abdulbaset al Megrahi's request to drop an appeal against his conviction - a move that will open the way for him to return to Libya !

Lord Hamilton, Scotland's most senior judge, said he had agreed to Megrahi's request to withdraw his appeal, but said there were still legal hurdles to be negotiated before the appeal process could be completely dropped....

Nevertheless the truth triumphs for Mr Megrahi and Libya! Justice for Abdelbaset Al Megrahi and Libya! Mr Megrahi: Your name and reputation is clean!

Thank you to Mr Abdulati al-Obidi, the Libyan Minister and former Ambassador, for his successful dedication.
Thank you to Hon. Justice Hamidi Faraj Fannoush for his truthful words:

(The Herald)+++ However, a Libyan judge, who was in court yesterday as an "observer" to the hearing, said he should be allowed to return home to his family. Honorary Justice Hamdi Fannoush said outside the courtroom that dropping the case was "not in the interests of justice". Mr Fannoush said: "People want to know what happened but this closes the door on that opportunity. Megrahi wanted to clear his name in court but after trying every possible way of getting home to see his family, he felt forced to make this sacrifice. In Libya everyone is talking about this. They believe he is innocent and cannot understand why he is still not home when he is so ill. Judicially nothing more can be done now other than a public inquiry." +++

We praise the role of al-Gaddafi Development Foundation at Geneva, which is led by the Libyan Leader's son Saif-al-Islam, in returning al-Megrahi to his homeland and family. It added: "We thank Mr Saif-al-Islam al- Gaddafi for all his positive efforts in this and also thank the foundation he leads for its constant care for him and his family through his years in jail."

Important: Some of the Scottish Officials are the true criminals in the Lockerbie Affair: Ex forensic scientist Dr Thomas Hayes (RARDE) UK, Ex forensic expert Allen Feraday (RARDE) UK and three known persons of the Scottish police are responsible for manipulating evidence in the Lockerbie Affair and are still protected by the Scottish Justice ! (They are not involved in the PanAm 103 bombing, but responsible for the conspiracy against Libya).

by Edwin and Mahnaz Bollier, MEBO Ltd. Switzerland

BBC News - 17/08/'09 - The Times claims the Scottish government has buckled under American pressure and will not be releasing the man jailed for the Lockerbie bombing...


A new desaster may happen in the Lockerbie case, if Megrahi's defence does not build in a "security mechanism" into the withdrawal of Megrahi's appeal.

It is obvious that Megrahi is innocent and that the obstructions of the Scottish appeal court in Edinburgh aimed at worsening his cancer to force him to withdraw his current appeal under the PTA.

On August 18, 2009 Megrahi's lawer Mr. Toni Kelly will proceed the withdrawal of Mr Megrahi's appeal at the High Court in Edinburgh ! The Defense Team must build in a "security mechanism" into the withdrawal of the appeal to allow Mr. Megrahi to continue his appeal without delay and reestablish the Status Quo; in case of the likely no of the US State Departement to release Mr Megrahi either on compassionate grounds or under the PTA agreement.

In 2007, after a four-year study, the Scottish Criminal Case Reappeal Commission granted Megrahi his request for appeal and indicated the Libyan might have been wrongfully convicted (presumable a miscarriage of justice in 6 points).
We have learned of a written agreement between the US and the UK that in the Lockerbie case the US State Department has the final say and decides the proceedings with UK and Scotland.

It is likely that after actions like "Keep Lockerbie Bomber Locked Up" by US Secretary of State, Mrs Hillary Clinton, to not release the Lockerbie bomber from a Scottish prison, Scottish Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill respectively the Sottish Parliament will stop Megrahi's repatriation.

Hopefully Megrahi's defence team has reflected on the possibility of continuing Megrahi's appeal and will take proper precautions. If the Scottish Justice accelerates the appeal - all judges beeing healthy - Megrahi could still have his name cleared quickly and go as an innocent and free man back to his country and his family.

Did Solicitor Tony Kelly take all needed precautions to allow Megrahi to continue his appeal without delay? And was there a secret deal between Solicitor Kelly and Scottish Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill to prevent a further investigation into the Lockerbie affair?
By the way, some of the Scottish Officials are the true criminals in the Lockerbie Affair: Ex forensic scientist Dr. Thomas Hayes (RARDE), Ex forensic expert Allen Feraday (RARDE) UK and three known persons of the Scottish police are protected but responsible for manipulating evidence in the Lockerbie-Affair!
(Not involved at the PanAm 103 assassination attempt, only responsible for the conspiracy against Libya)

The last bad intern news: Mr. Megrahi must stay in Scotland, very sorry for Mr. Megrahi and his familie.
Nevertheless the truth triumphs for Mr. Megrahi and Libya! Justice For Abdelbaset Al Megrahi and Libya !

ebol, more soon...

No further delays in the Lockebie-Appeal! Recommendation: Start of a world wide media campaign under the 'Mission of Lockerbie' and urge for an independent international tribunal.

A world wide media campaign is in preparation and started soon to urge for an independent international tribunal of the Lockerbie affair in favour of the political hostage, Libyan Official Mr. Abdelbaset Al Megrahi, Libya and the bereaved of the victims of flight PanAm 103.

An extraordinary tribunal appointed by the UN would prove Libya's innocence and clear up the Scottish manipulations which lead to the biggest miscarriage of justice in the history of Scotland. Today it is clear that with deliberately manipulated evidence Libya and its Official, Mr Abdelbaset al Megrahi, had been convicted unjustly. This must be regarded as a breach of international law and human rights.

Such an extraordinary international tribunal supported by an international panel and the UN could be held in Switzerland - a neutral host for the respect of international human rights and democracy.

NB: The political hostage and "Lockerbie victim no. 271" Abdelbaset Al Megrahi is suffering innocently since April 6th, 1999 until now: 322'910'600 painful seconds in Scottish prisons!

The appeal must be taken out of the hands of the jurisdiction of the Scottish "Lord connection"!

Justice For Abdelbaset Al Megrahi and Libya!


7th of July, 2009: Delays, delays, delays and before a decision is taken by the High Court, a new questionable delay was produced in the case of Abdelbaset al Megrahi's appeal ! What wants the Criminal Justice Directorate achieve with these delays ? Lord Hamilton said the court has already heard full submissions on two grounds of appeal, but the court will not be able to give its decision on those grounds until autumn 2009. Why ?

MEBO answer: It is obvious that the Scotthis Justice with these tactics wants Mr. Megrahi to withdraw his appeal ! Only by renouncing his appeal the ill Mr. Megrahi has the possibility to return to his family by a prisoner transfer agreement between the United Kingdom and Libya. On the other side the Scottish Justice, with these nasty and dirty tactics, wants to defend its criminal Scottish Officials from a criminal prosecution! They are verifiable responsible for the manipulation and falsification of evidence in the Lockerbie-affair and therefore as their backers responsible for the miscarriage of justice against Libya and its Official Megrahi ...

In this sense Scotland's top judge, Justice General Lord Arthur Hamilton, protects the two Scottish Criminal Officials of RARDE and known persons of the Scottish Police, responsible for counterfeiting and manipulation of evidences in the Lockerbie-Affair !

Some of the Scottish Officials are the true criminals in the Lockerbie Affair !!!

May 24, 2009

Announcement to some official experts, photographers of RARDE and to some Scottish police officers: A criminal charge is examined by MEBO Ltd.
The main subject dealt with the notorious 'timer circuit board *MST-13 fragment', called PT35B in the court records.

FBI Special Agent and Task Force Chief Richard Marquise answered Gideon Levy's (VPRO) question G. L.: Would you have a case if you wouldn't have these evidence (MST-13 timer)? R.M.: Would we have a case. It would be a very dificult case to prove. It would be a very dificult case to prove ... I don't think we would ever had an indictment.

And he said also: But I can tell you that now money was paid to any witness, any witness prior to the trial. No promise of money was made to any witness prior to the trial. G.L.: And was there paid any money after he trial? R.M.: I'm not gonna answer that.

And he said: If someone manipulated evidence, if somebody didn't invesitgate something that should have been investigated, if somebody twisted it to fit up up Megrahi, or Fimah or Libya, then that person will go to jail. I mean that sincerely, that person should be prosecuted for that.

We hope the Scottish Justice takes this fact to knowledge and goes into a faster action with a criminal charge against her officials than with the case of Mr. Abdelbaset al Megrahi...

by ebol

Zurich, 8 May, 2009

Dear Scottish Justiciary. What goes on is a barbarous cruelty!

What has been done and is still done to Mr. Abdelbaset al Megrahi, an innocent and terminally ill man, by the Scottish Justice is very hard to bear. Lockerbie is the biggest fraud in the history of Scotland!

The main subject dealt with the notorious 'timer circuit board MST-13 fragment', called PT35B in the court records. FBI Task Force Chief Richard Marquise answered Gideon Levy's question G. L.: Would you have a case if you wouldn't have these evidence (MST-13 timer)? R.M.: Would we have a case. It would be a very dificult case to prove. It would be a very dificult case to prove ... I don't think we would ever had an indictment. And he said also: But I can tell you that now money was paid to any witness, any witness prior to the trial. No promise of money was made to any witness prior to the trial. G.L.: And was there paid any money after he trial? R.M.: I'm not gonna answer that.
And he said: If someone manipulated evidence, if somebody didn't invesitgate something that should have been investigated, if somebody twisted it to fit up up Megrahi, or Fimah or Libya, then that person will go to jail. I mean that sincerely, that person should be prosecuted for that.

Former Lord Advocate Lord Fraser UK; Detective Constable of Strathclyde Police Thomas Gilchrist UK; Ex forensic scientist Dr. Thomas Hayes (RARDE), Ex forensic expert Allen Feraday (RARDE) UK; Ex FBI laboratory official Tom Thurman USA; former FBI Spezial Agent and Task Force Chief Richard Marquise USA, Detective Chief Superintendent Stuart Henderson, Robert Müller (FBI-Director) and others should all be ashamed for their criminal and parasitic cover up of the Lockerbie tragedy.

Please see more well documented evidence.
Links: 496, 497, 498, 502, 504, 507, 510, 511, 523, 524, 527, 529, 531, 643, 644, 651, 657

Please see the crucial manipulation of the EXAMINATION report, Page 51 from Dr. Hayes, Ref. PP-8932, PI/995

After having analysed the documentary "Lockerbie revisited" by Gideon Levy and backed by my own investigations MEBO is convinced that the "Lockerbie conspiracy" to the damage of Libya and Abdelbaset al Megrahi was executed with tampered evidence under the Scottish flag by seven officials ! This could also be the reason for the long procrastination of the whole case in the hope that the criminal dealings of the seven officials fall under the status of limitations.

All the same the biggest fraud in the history of Scotland must be cleared up under all circumstances by a new investigation for the benefit of the bereaved of the 270 victims, the Libyan people and Mr. Abdelbaset al Megrahi.

Zurich, 27 April 2009

The Lockerbie-Appeal starts on April 28, 2009
Justice for Mr Abdelbaset Al Megrahi and Libya!
Petition for Mr Abdelbaset Al Megrahi to the Scottish Ministers.


1990: Having lunch at a restaurant in Zurich I was listening to the radio and hearing the news that my company MEBO had delivered timers to Libya which led to the explosion of PanAm 103 over Lockerbie.

Western intelligence was well informed of my business connections with Libya (delivery of timers) via a Libyan defector.

With all these informations not only about me but also about Megrahi it was easy to construct the "MST-13 timer (MEBO) - Libya - Malta - Megrahi-Story". A pure invention or in intelligence code: a script to cover up a false flag operation:

The brown MST-13 timer board Eng. Lumpert had given to the Swiss Federal Police was handed over to the Scottish Police and then to Dr.Hayes and Allen Feraday (RARDE) and only a polaroid photo (PI'995) was handed over to Thomas Thurman (FBI). He concluded wrongly that the timer (MST-13) came from Libya. He was one of the "technical experts" to make the script plausible by interpreting evidence purposely wrong.

With this purposely wrong interpreted evidence photo (PI'995) Libya was later indicted and finally banned by sanction of the UNO Security Council. Simultaneously the Bollier-Malta-Megrahi Story was concocted.

What was allegedly found (probably planted) in Lockerbie was a tiny piece of a Toshiba cassette recorder, another script to include the PFLP-GC in the plot. (See the picture of the fragment of the Toshiba recorder together with a collar of a T-Shirt from Malta and other remnants).
By simple photo montage this piece of a Toshiba Cassette recorder was replaced by the brown MST-13 timer fragment from Eng. Lumpert (from photo of the timer PI'995). When the Swiss Federal Police (BUPO) showed this photo to Meister and me in March 1990 we knew immediately that this brown prototype timer was not operable.

MEBO had delivered 2 of this prototypes to the Stasi but not to Libya. All my business with the STASI was conform to Swiss export regulations and legal. Later after the coming down of PanAm 103 these 2 timers were found in a Stasi storeroom after the collapse of the GDR in November 1989.

Meanwhile our company was brought down by bad publicity and a complaint for compensation from PanAm over 32 mio. US$. So I started investigating.

Later when the Scottish police found out that they had a picture from a brown prototype timer who had not been sold to Libya (only the green machine made ones were supplied to Libya) they cut the original fragment from Eng. Lumpert in two pieces and replaced one part of it by a green MST-13 fragment. A manipulation Bollier was completely aware of when in September 1999 he was finally permitted to examine the MST-13 timer(s) in possession of the RARDE at the office of prosecutor Miriam Watson in Dumfries, Scotland.

With the cheap trick of a public immunity interest certificat (PII) this crucial piece of evidence is now under national security.
But there was also no bomb bag loaded in Malta and Megrahi was not the buyer of the cloths at Toni Gauchi's Mary-House.

All my investigation work is restricted to cover up the manipulations to blame Libya and Meghrahi for the massacre over Lockerbie. Who was really behind the massacre? Unfortunately it seems very unlikely that western intelligence agencies did not have their hands in the bombing of PanAm 103 over Lockerbie. The same group who ordered the cover up was very likely the same who ordered the bombing (different teams).

Lockerbie was a milestone in a planned serie of terror acts to switch over to a new paradigma of the enemy after bringing down communism. From now on and definitely after 9/11 the muslims were the "great danger". A malicious war on terrorism followed that attacked muslim countries. Pretty the same policy as during the cold war when communism was the source of all evil...

by Edwin Bollier, MEBO Ltd Telecommunication, Zurich Switzerland

Patrick Haseldine said... see Interesting video on 3News.

Appears to be a dispute between former Lord Advocate Lord Fraser and retired FBI agent Richard Marquise over whether the timer fragment (PT35b) was taken to the USA for identification (by the FBI Lab's Thomas Thurman) or whether the identification was done at Fort Halstead by RARDE's Alan Feraday (see Wikipedia article "Investigation into the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 - Timer fragment").

The issue is important because Feraday was called to give timer fragment evidence at the Lockerbie trial, but Thurman was prevented from doing so. In 1997, US Inspector-General, Michael Bromwich, had prohibited Thurman from giving forensic evidence in criminal cases.

Seems to me to be a last-minute spoiler operation by the Crown (to confuse the timer fragment issue) just days away from the start of Mr Megrahi's second appeal. I hope Maggie Scott QC is not taken in by it.

by Edwin and Mahnaz Bollier, MEBO Ltd. Telecommunication Switzerland

Zurich, April 11, 2009

The political hostage and "Lockerbie victim 271" Abdelbaset Al Megrahi, suffering since April 6th, 1999 until now: 315'360'000 painful seconds, innocent in scottish prisons...


The appeal is due to start on April 28, 2009
Open Letter to

The High Court at Edinburgh Scotland UK

Link: The Open Letter

Zurich/Switzerland, 29 March, 2009

Taylor & Kelly
Court Solicitors, Scotland

Concerns: Witness mobilization for 2nd Appeal (Megrahi/Libya) at the High Court, Edinburgh, Scotland UK, beginning 27 April 2009.

Dear Mr. Tony Kelly

In order to achieve a safe success in the future Appeal, I recommend to cite the following determining witnesses for support:

1. For emphasis: Mr. Abdelbaset Al Megrahi,
as alleged dress buyers, with Tony Gauci at the alleged date 7 December 1988, as well as the alleged infiltration of an explosive suit-case on Malta air, flight KM-180, at the 21. Dezember, 1988 in the Luqa airport, Malta by Mr. Abdelbaset Al Megrahi, alias Ahmed Khalifa Abdusamad.

Discharge witnesses for it:
For dress purchase: Tony Gauci; -- Paul Gauci, both of "Mary's House" in Malta; -- Libyan CIA agent, Abdul Magjid Giaka, USA;--- Police officer, Harry Bell, Scotland.

For weather around 19:00 clock, on Wednesday, the 23, 30 November and 7 December 1988:
Witness, Mr. Mark of Vella, Managing Director of MeteoMalta Com;

For discharge transport/Transfair of a luggage item (the alleged "Bomb-bag", ex Tray, B-8849) of Malta air flight KM-180 on PanAm, feeder flight PA-103B to London Heathrow:
Ex a witness No. 548, Edwin Bollier, privately Investigator, MEBO Ltd., Swiss; --Mr. Gunther Kasteleiner, ex a witness No. 799, traffic assistant the baggage handling central station FAG in Frankfurt; -- Ex a witness No. 835, Klaus Wunderlich, baggage handling Frankfurt;

2. Emphasis: Libya and its official Mr. Megrahi:
Manipulated timer fragment MST-13 PC board;--- Compulsion for a production of a letter to the CIA, by visit of one "security" Person on 30 December 1988 with MEBO. -- Offer and delivery of a Prospectes at Edwin Bollier, of FBI Spezial Agent Richard Marquise, USA, for a immoral payment, up ton of US$ 4 million for the delivery after statements desired art:

Witnesses for the defense for it:
Edwin Bollier, owner MEBO Ltd., ex a witness No. 548, Swiss; -- Electronics Ingeneer, Ulrich Lumpert, Swiss, ex a witness No. 550; --- Ex FBI expert Thomas Thurmann, the USA; --- FBI Super Agent and task Force Chief, Richard A. Marquise (Book author SCOTBOM) USA; --- Ex a witness No. 586, expert Dr. Thomas Hayes RARDE, UK; --- Ex a witness No. 261, Inspector Keith Harrower, Scotland; --- Ex Witness No. 118, Michael Langford Johnson, Scotland; --- Electronics eng. "Brosante" Company Siemens AG in Munich, Germany; --- Detective Ms. Kathrina Thomson, Dumfries Scotland; --- Ex Witness No. 994 Chief Inspector William Williamson, Scotland.

Yours sincerely Edwin Bollier, VR MEBO Ltd Switzerland

After newest proofs, Libya and its official, Mr. Abdelbaset Al Megrahi, have the right for truth and justice, immediately. Reminder of an unbelievable precondemnation!

Do not to forget the Daily Press Briefing of the US Department of State no. 168 from Thursday, November 14, 1991, Mr. Boucher:

"Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. Again, thank you for your patience and for waiting. I want to run through some basic facts about the bombing Pan Am 103 and how it was organized. I want to make some things clear from the outset: The bombers were Libyan Government intelligence operatives. This was a Libyan Government operation from start to finish."

Spring, 2009:
The Leader of Libya and Chairman of the African Union (AU) Muammar al-Gadhafi seeks to change the reputation of Libya on the world stage. Libya and all other victims in the Lockerbie case wait since years for a clear result in a revised judgement of the Scottish Appeal Justice. Libya and its Official have nothing to do with the PanAm 103 attack.

Documents indicate that originally the CIA and an other western intelligence service planned also to involve Edwin Bollier (MEBO Ltd.) together with Mr. Abdelbaset Al Megrahi into the PanAm 103 plot!

Edwin Bollier was told at the check-in at Tripoli airport that his already booked direct flight with Swissair to Zurich on December 20,1988 was fully booked and he should travel via Malta to Switzerland on the same day - the same flight on which Abdelbaset Al Megrahi was booked (*flight KM 107, on December 20, 1988 from Tripoli to Malta). According to a new statement Megrahi did not know that Bollier was planned to travel on the same flight as he was !

Bollier was suspicious because he didn't see many people on the airport and went to the Swissair Station Manager who told him that there were many empty seats on the Swissair flight to Zurich. So he took the direct flight to Zurich on December 20, 1988. Only Abdelbaset Al Megrahi (alias Ahmed Khalifa Abdusamad) traveled with flight KM 107 from Tripoli to Malta on December 20, 1988.
Therefore Bollier was not in Malta on the same day as Abdelbaset Al Megrahi. The CIA was confronted with a new situation and the same intelligence people decided to involve the station manager of 'Libyan Arab Airways' , Mr. Lamin Khalifa Fhimah, into the complot.

*Al Megrahi was instructed by his boss Ibrahim Bishari to travel to Malta on December 20, 1988 for a security order (not in connection with the bombing of PanAm 103) ...
On September 14, 1997 former foreign minister, Ibrahim Bishari, died in a car crash in Egypt ...

Important Facts, March 24, 2009

Quintessence in the "Lockerbie-Affair":
Magjid Giaka and his chief Dave, Tony Gauci, police officer Harry Bell and other persons in the police corps of the FBI, the Scottish police, the Swiss police and the Federal Bureau of Criminal Investigations BKA were not involved in the attack on PanAm 103 but in the conspiracy to blame Libya for it!!!

Edwin and Mahnaz Bollier, MEBO Ltd, Switzerland

Zurich, 19 March, 2009

The High Court orders further disclosure

Three senior judges yesterday ordered 45 pieces of key evidence to be handed over to the legal team representing the man convicted of the Lockerbie bombing in an embarrassing setback for the Crown Office.

The vital documents include a secret fax that could discredit a key prosecution witness.

Tony Gauci' s spontaneous and unifluenced statements to Scottish police-officer Harry Bell nine months after the PanAm 103 bombing at beginning of September 1989:

"I do not know exactly when I sold the items to the Libyan man, but that sale was made before the Christmas decorations went up at the Tower Road in Sliema;--- I sold the clothing to in November or December 1988; ---it was short light rain on this evening".

After beeing influenced by Harry Bell and having receivede a good payment Tony Gauci's changed his statement as a witness at the court in Kamp van Zeist 11 years later (11th of July 2000):

"With the visit of the Libyan buyer in the Boutiqe 'Mary's House', the Christmas decorations went up;--- the police had said and I had said, the lights were there when they came to buy;--- I sold the clothing in November or December 1988;--- the sale must have been after half past 6:00 in the evening, about a fortnight before Christmas 1988; ---the sale was midweek, Wednesday, I think; ---when he came by the first time, it wasn't raining, but then it started dripping. Not very-- it was not raining heavily. It was simply-- it was simply dripping, but as a matter of fact he did take an umbrella, didn't he? He bought an umbrella".

Tony Gautci and Harry Bell deserve imprisonment for their manipulation of cirustantial evidence that lead to Megrahi's conviction. immediately for 9 years in prison!

by ebol

See the film of BBC Two: The Conspiracy Files: Lockerbie

Link to the story with the

Document of national security and why did Libya pay US$ 2,7 billion compensation?

Switzerland, March 8, 2009

Megrahi's verdict is a spectacular miscarriage of Justice!

The Mebo investigation disclose: Not Mr. Abdelbaset Al Megrahi was the Libyan buyer of clothes by Tony Gauci (Boutique Mary's House) on 7th December, but after indications, on 23th November 1988, 18:45 clock, the Libyan secret service defector for the CIA, Abdul Magjid Giaka was the buyer!
Why police officer Harry Bell had not show the photo-portrait (Q13 of Giaka) to Gauci ? Was Gauci paid for this dirty thing ?

Link: (see photo Q11, Q12, Q13, Q14 on Gauci/Malta-report)

Magjid Giaka alias "Puzzlepiece", was not a "Shirker" and a "Liar" as the FBI tries to put him today, it was according to the CIA cables and other indications, the central man at Malta, in the conspiracy against Libya and its orders stand still under national security!

After the PanAm 103 tragedy, it is disclosed in one of the classified cables, Giaka was under pressure from his customer to get additional indication of events against Abdelbaset al Megrahi and Lamin Khalifah Fhimah, inside the Libyan Arab Airlines station at Luqa Airport, before 21th December 1988. Giaka had get the order for the clothes purchase, on 6th November 1988. This meeting was held in safe house at Malta. Another meeting was at 5th December, before Abdelbaset al Megrahi arrived on 7th December in Malta and a meeting was on 20th December 1988, the day before the Lockerbie-tragedy!

Before was published the US/UK Indictment against the Libyan official Fhimah and Megrahi, on 14th/15th November 1991, a further determining US meeting with Giaka took place. On 14th September 1991 Giaka left the Maltese shores unofficially by US boat and transferred to the USS Navy Vessel "Butte" (T-AE 27), 27 miles away from Malta at 36.10'N 14.38'E. On the ship there were special agent Philip Reid, FBI official Harold Hendershot and Nicholas H****, Arabic language interpreter and he enters the witness protection program as witness no. 684 with his wife already safely in London.

The official date given when Giaka joined the witness protection programme in the United States is the 3th December 1992. From official records until October 1999 the US Justice Department spend US$324,000 in connection with Giaka, accommodation, travelling, etc. A code used on Giaka's form regarding the witness protection programme is "Puzzle Piece" WF 140440.

Giaka in his statement told the investigators that once in October or November or December 1988 (not on 20th/21th December), he saw Fhima and Megrahi with two others taking two luggage form the converter, and have not given the luggage to be inspected by the customs officials. One of them was a large Samsonite, hard-sided suitcase. Giaka says it was unusal for Fhimah to take luggage without being inspected by customs officials.

Switzerland, March 7, 2009

The appeal, due to begin on April 27, 2009 could accelerate the judgment after hearing just decisive parts of the appeal, acoording to Criminal Procedure (Scotland) Act 1995


to The High Court at Edinburgh
Scotland UK

the full text

Zurich 28 of February, 2009


Link: The full text of the Gauci-Saga

Switzerland, February 20, 2009

The last Lockerbie-Hearing at the Hight Court in Edinburgh, February 18-20, 2009, is a cheap ping-pong play from Megrahi's defence team with negligible secondary matters.
(Waste of time!)

The defence-team requires permission to inspect allegedly unpublished documents that serve as proof for payments US$ 3 million, the Gauci-brothers ("Mary House" boutique) in Malta, - in order to influence their testimonies before the High Court. The attorney Mrs Scott requests that the Crown delivers all documents relating to Mr Gauci that indicate an interest in such payments for his testimony.

Prosecutors have denied deliberately withholding documents which could discredit witness Tony Gauci, who gave (douptful) evidence at the Lockerbie bomber trial. The Crown has the opinion that an investigation into disputed documents is unnecessary. The Advocate General are claiming that in some cases the documents does not exist.

MEBO facts: The alleged strange cloths found in Lockerbie (for example, the blue baby-overall) from Gauci's Boutique "Mary House" in Malta is the same manipulation as the remaining manipulated proofs like the MST-13 timer fragment and the invented infiltration of a bomb-bag on AirMalta, flight KM-180, by Mr Abdelbaset Al Megrahi!.

NB: The blue baby-overall was not even tested for explosive residues, and Gauci could not show the police a delivery note or a invoice for the baby-overall!

Determining central proofs:
On the feeder flight PA-103/B from Frankfurt to London-Heathrow not one Samsonite suitcase - the alleged bomb suitcase, from AirMalta, flight KM-180 to PanAm flight PA-103/B - was loaded, but provable 3 unknown and unaccompanied luggage items from Lufthansa, flight LH-631 from Kuwait, ex tray no. B-4809, B-6001, B-7418; and demonstrable: MST-13 timer delivered from MEBO Ltd to Libya two years before the Lockerbie-tragedy was not involved in the PanAm 103 attack!

It's high time that Scotland's High Court decides to reestablish Libya's and Mr Megrahis damaged prestige and honour. Otherwise the delaying tactic of the Scottish jurisdication with the help of a mysterious document "under national security" is obvious.

Leader of Libya and Chairman of the African Union (AU) Muammar al-Gadhafi seeks to change image on world stage.
For this vision Libya and all other "victims" wait for years for a clear result in a revised judgement of the Scottish Appeal Justice, in the case of Lockerbie. Helping him, in the change of the untrue background image, of the 'Lockerbie-Tragedy'. Libya and his Official have nothing to do with the PanAm 103 attack.

MEBO proposal:
For humanitarian and medical reasons the judges at the High Court in Edinburgh allow Mr. Abdelbaset Al Megrahi to leave Scotland for medical treatment in Switzerland. Mr Megrahis family will also get permission to stay with him in Switzerland.

The Swiss governement is already in contact with Scotland via legal international assistance in this case and would guarantee the Scottish authorities to hand over Mr Megrahi for his second appeal, if his state of health permits it.

by Edwin and Mahnaz Bollier, MEBO Ltd. Switzerland