Legal document from the Swiss Law Firm Neupert + Partners sent to the Procurator Fiscal in Dumfries
Published as received July 12, 2000 incl. spelling errors, underlining, italics etc.
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Attorney´s at law

Office of the Procurator Fiscal
Sheriff Courthouse
Dumfries DC-1  2 AN
United Kingdom

Zollikon-Zurich July 11, 2000

Criminal Complaint regarding the Falsification Evidence In the Lockerbie Case

Dear Mr Procurotor

Acting on behalf of

       Mr Edwin Bollier
       Badenerstrasse 414, CH-8004 Zurich/Switzerland

a key witness in the case against

      Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed Al Megrahi and Al Amin Khalifa Fhimah

we herewith respectfully submit the present request to open


with regard to the following punishable offences:

A.  Use Of a forged (never functioning) fragment of an alleged MST-13 timer, allegedly manufactured by Mebo Ltd.. the company of Mr Edwin Bollier as key evidence for the Crown.

B.  Manipulation with and disfigurement of the alleged MST-13 timer fragment up to September 13, 1999.

C.  Total disfigurement of said fragment from September 13, 1999 until June 2000, in order to obliterate shape and colour of said fragment.


1.  MEBO AG fabricated 3 pieces of brown MST-13 timer motherboards in the middle of 1985. Of these handmade motherboards 2 pieces were subjected to electronic counterparts, thus creating 2 functioning MST-13 timer prototypes. Those were handed over to the Institute for Technical Research (IYTU - STASI/NVA) in Bernau (ex.DDR) in the middle of 1985. The third brown motherboard has allegedly been broken in the hands of the employee Engineer U. Lumpert and disposed of ?  (Police protocol testimony, U. Lumpert November 1990, Legal Aid, USA, Scotland).

Also the blueprint for construction of such MST?13 timer prototypes did presumably disappear in the spring of 1990 from MEBO AG.

2.  Additionally, 20 pieces of MST-13 timer were fabricated 1985-1986 and delivered to the Libyan military-security in Tripoli Libya. Those MST-13 timers were fitted with machine-created motherboards, colour: green (Thuring motherboards).

3.  It showed that the colour of the alleged Lockerbie-found "Corpus Delicti" would have been of utmost importance for the Scottish Police, in order to identify the origin of the fragments:, one brown fragment. Pol, No. PT/35(b), from a MST13 timer.

4. Why ? The trace tracked back from the Scottish Police to the USA,  to the FBI-forensic expert Mr Thomas Thurman. A Scottish forensic expert, Mr. Feraday, did bring the future alleged Lockerbie-found MST-13 timer fragment to the USA,  to Thomas Thurman, FBI forensic expert. He then found that the fragment came from a MST- 13 timer, that looks like MST-13 timers, seized from a Libyan courier in Togo and Senegal.

Thomas Thurman then on June 15, 1990 did decide and found that the alleged Lockerbie-found fragment come from a MST- 13 timer, that activated that "Radio-Recorder-Bomb.  IED" in the plane of PanAm 103! Thus the link between Lockerbie and Libya was established and on November 14, 1991.  the responsibility of the PanAm 103 attack could be transferred to Libya.

The first forensic pictures and films that came from the FBI-laboratory of forensic expert Thomas Thurman clearly contain that the allegedly Lockerbie found fragment came from a brown MST-13 prototype-timer. (Thus the central piece of evidence that the prosecution is relying upon, was in the beginning a brown fragment, from a non-functionin g prototype MST-13 timer that was later switched with a green copied fragment-copy!)

5.  The then employed MEBO-employee, Engineer U. Lumpert, testified according to the Swiss Legal Aid in the protocol of November 1990 that he knew that the two MST-13 prototype timers were delivered to the DDR (read testimony from BBC).

Today the investigational administratives claim the police protocol does not contain any such testimony from Lumpert ?

Perhaps FBI-forensic expert Thomas Thurman realized - after re-checking with Mr Lumpert - that it was not possible to connect the brown MST-13 prototypetimer with Libya as no brown MST-13 timers were delivered to Libya! - A green MST- 13 timer fragment was to be fetched! It is evident for the two witnesses Mr Meister and Mr Bollier (MEBO) that the present shown forensic evidence pictures of Thurmans as shown in Court in Camp Zeist assumingly belong to computer-photo-edited-pictures that are supposed to point towards green fragments!

6.  What are the main points of differences between the BROWN and the GREEN MST? 13 timer fragments ?

a) The brown motherboard-fragment is 0,4 mm shorter than the green motherboard.

b)  The rounded cut (wedge) on the motherboard has been sawed out by hand on the brown prototype-fragment (saw-structure).

c) On the green fragment the rounded cut has been milled perfectly (smooth milled structure).

d) The rounded wedges on the brown and green MST-13 timers ore unable to cover each other synchronically (the radius of the wedges are different).

e) The soldering lines on the green motherboard (Thuring board) are perfectly and precisely drawn, yet on the hand-made brown motherboard they are un-precisely and badly soldered-, the copper-lines partially did not accept the tin solder etc.

f) The brown motherboard was cut in two pieces, allegedly for reasons of forensic investigation, The larger part has been labelled evidence No. PT/31 (a), the smaller port No. PT/35(b), Why is the second part not labelled the following No. PT/32(b)? Is it possible to deduce there might exist further (b)-fragments ?

7.  When police photographs were added to the Swiss Police protocols as evidence In 1990 at the first inquiry (Legal Aid USA/UK), the pictures showed among other an alleged Lockerbie-found MST-13 fragment that come from a brown MST-13 prototype! During the witness examination In Camp Zeist June 16, 2000, E. Bollier was allegedly shown original protocols from the Swiss Police. Now on envelope was added to the protocols, containing about 5 pictures from FBI-forensic expert Thomas Thurman, E, Bollier had not seen those photographs before even though an appendix with the signature of E, Bollier was added to the envelope. E.  Bollier had signed such appendixes for several evidential items. Fact is,  there existed no pictures of the brown MST-13 timer fragments added to the allegedly original Swiss protocols in November 1990 signed by Bollier; the pictures must have been switched with similar ones for unknown reasons!

8.  From September 15, 1999, after 8 years, finally the gentlemen Meister,  Bollier as well as Lumpert from MEBO, could view and inspect the allegedly Lockerbie-found original MST-13 timer fragment during a questioning session in Dumfries Scotland with Principal Procurator Fiscal/Depute Procurator Fiscal Ms Miriam Watson/Mr Harvie.

It was kept on a protocol record from the Police in Dumfries that E. Bollier viewed and inspected a green MST-13 fragment with evidence number PT/31 (a). This fragment was enamelled with green colour, shining and the right part inclusive the rounded cut looked as if treated and cut by loser. At the distinguished soldering-point - the part where a small relais would have been soldered if this would have been a functioning timer - it showed clearly that there never had been soldered any relais. No structural changes were visible at the soldering point! Also, the fragment was 0,4  mm shorter, i.e. it showed the same size as the brown prototyp-fragment that FBI-forensic expert Thomas Thurman on June 15, 1990 presented as the "Lockerbie-fragment" ! The second part of the fragment - labelled Evidence No. PT/35(b) - was brown, just as a prototype MST-13 timer board! Mr Bollier insisted that a police witness confirmed the two motherboards No. PT/31(a)9 and No. PT/35(b) - the socalled "Lockerbie fragments" - had two different colours, (green and brown) !


Statement of Witness by E. Bollier dated 16.09.1999 (enclosure 1)
Statement of Witness by E. Bollier dated 17.09.1999 (enclosure 2)
Statement of Witness by Ms Mirian Watson, Principal Procurator Fiscal Depute
Statement of Witness by Ms Kathrin Thomsen. Det.  Insp. Dumfries

Thus something is unambiguously wrong! The witness, Ms Kathrin Thomsen, Det. Insp. Dumfries was called about; she should be able to confirm the two different colours. On Mr Bolliers's question whether someone from the forensic team had cut a side strip of the fragment PT/31 (a), Principal Procurator Ms Watson answered: in that case the sawed piece should be present too. Consequently there existed at the time no sawed piece, neither was it known that the forensic team hod lost something!

9.  When E. Bollier/MEBO on June 14, 2000 in Camp Zeist testified and was examined in Court, he demanded to view the two alleged MST-13 timer fragments once more in their original shapes in order to compare them with the evidential photographs.

After some protests/resistance from the side of the prosecution, the alleged MST-13 fragments PT31 (a) and PT/(b) were put on a table for Mr Bolliers's inspection, What Mr Bollier then sow was criminal: the green fragment No, PT/31 (a) had been altered/manipulated since his lost inspection on September 14, 1999 at the Procurator Ms Watson in Dumfries The evidence was treated with fire. The green lacquer on the motherboard was now lustreless, so was the shining cut, Also the soldering point looked like a "cold" soldering point: now it 'is probably impossible to find out whether any relais was soldered to It. The  second piece of fragment No.  PT/35(b) that was still a small block on September 14, 1999, still showed some brown colour and was scolded a little by fire on the lower part of its side. hod been altered/manipulated even more. That piece of evidence was totally burnt,  it did not show any block shape anymore, it is a thin, curved block piece of "charcoal" that does not show any traces of brown colour. Also, during the evident manipulation, one did not count in the thought that the fragment consisted of one piece, How could the piece PT/35(b) have been burnt completely, while the PT/31 (a) did not show any burning on the sawed ends?

The piece PT/35(b) does not fit anymore to the ends/cuttings of the PT/31  (b). On that issue, Mr Bollier was lectured by the prosecution that the missing cut port (of the PT/31 (a) was cut off by the police and was lost, This cannot be accounted to forensic testing since it makes no difference whether one end was 0.4 mm shorter, it is still the some end part, The question remains open: should the totally mani pulated/c hanged alleged "Lockerbie-fragment" of a MST-13 still be allowed to act as evidence-MEBO AG . through its lawyers has to rile a criminal complaint at the Principal Procurator Fiscal in Dumfries against unknown persons in he forensic-squad of the Scottish Police on reasons of counterfeiting of an important piece of evidence in the biggest criminal case in the world.

10. MEBO has noted that the investigation authorities do not follow the US-evident trail of evidence track leading to the FBI-forensic expert Thomas Thurman with much persistence, Also. Thomas Thurman declared in a television-interview on Channel 4 on November 1998 that he had only viewed the fragment on a photographic image from the Scottish Police; - yet we have learnt from the witness Mr Feraday on June 8, 2000, in Camp Zeist that Feraday had brought the "Lockerbie-fragment" to the FBI in the USA and not a photographic image, Here Thomas Thurman is seemingly lying. During an intern investigation of the FBI it was established that Thomas Thurman had forged evidence in other criminal cases, he was eventually dismissed on the spot by the FBI.

11.   Another question Still stands. Why is the Crown in Camp Zeist reluctant to investigate the important evidence whether the explosion occurred outside container AVE 4041 PA ?" is she (the Crown) afraid of the outcome It is a fact that one of the best known explosion-experts, Professor Dr, W, Schubert from the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany, has declared that the investigational authorities are acting on the false premises, that the explosion did not occur inside the container. Also MEBO and their specialists stand by that fact: - that explosion did not occur inside container AVE 4041 PA. With a relative small financial share the Fraunhofer Institute under the leadership of Prof, Dr. Schuberg and with the aide of other international explosive-experts could prove., no explosion inside Container AVE 4041 PA !

12.  Summary: MEBO thinks that the Lockerbie-disaster has been abused t conspire against Libya and has used the firm MEBO as its link. In order to stra further away from the truth, the future "march-heading" is load towards th Middle East (over the PFLG-GC towards Syria and Iran). As the former Germa Democratic Republic (DDR) and its past State Security Service (STASI) don´t exist anymore, it is a convenient situation for those in charge of the "strategy of politics'' to make the DDR-connections responsible for internation terrorism. The defence team (Duff) has shown at the beginning of the proceedings at Camp Zeist whom the hot "Lockerbie-potato" is intended for.
MEBO thinks, supported by his (i,e, MEBO's) far-reaching investigation that th PanAm 103-attack was intended for Major Charles McKee and his intelligence-people (US-National Security). Additionally the PanAm 10 disaster can be viewed for different purposes. An alleged Toshiba-Radio bomb inside a Samsonite suitcase was neither loaded in Malta nor in Frankfurt and then transferred to PanAm 103.  The explosive detonate was presumably placed directly in Heathrow between container AVE 40AI PA and the fuselage wall of the aircraft on position 700. The plan almost ended perfectly would all the "domino-bricks" have fallen on to each other. Unexpected changes during the countdown of the PanAm-crime leads to the conclusion that one cannot blame Libya to be responsible for the greatest crime in th world.

Would you be so kind as to let me know if you need a formal power of attorney signed by Mr Bollier.

Looking forward to hearing from you, I remain,

Yours sincerely
Dr. Dieter W. Neupert
(signed In his absence by Andreas Hauri, Attorney at Law)

Enclosure 1