Disc 2DD "WIT new" Zuerich, Jan 15, 2000
Rev. ebol/mebo

Criminal No. 91-0645 (Nov 14, 1991) U.S. DEPT. OF JUSTICE WASH.D.C.
                                    20530 UNITED STATES OF AMERICA

                                     THE LORD ADVOCATE, SCOTLAND (NOV 13, 1991)

NAME witnesses                                                                     QUESTION LIST
Steve Green Assistant Administrator, Office Intelligence DEA Q 094
Oliver Revell jr. Mr.Oliver Revell jr.,son of Mr. Buck Revell, FBI-head investigation for the Lockerbie case, ( changed their fligth PA-103 two weeks before) Q 095
John McCarty US Ambassador, Cyprus Q 096
Michael Hurley DEA attache, Cyprus Q 150
Lester Know Coleman Agent for Def. Intelligence Agency DEA Q 097
Oliver North Former NSC, USA Q 098
George Bush Former US President Q 099
Robert J. Hunt Army Navy Commander (864287BTF) Q 100
Robert Fanning Former legal attache US embassy Bern CH Q 101
Mr. 1XXXXXXX XX Intelligence service USA W 101
Mr. Marchman FBI, Lockerbie investigation WS. I 101
Ms. 2XXXXXXX XX Intelligence service UK Z 105
Tomas Thurman ex. FBI, forensic expert WS Z 104
John Orr Scottish police I 103
Roy Basura Passenger missed his flight PA 103, USA V 106
Mr. 3XXXXXXX CIA Fall Church Minn. USA W 105
Mr. P.L.4XXXXXXX CIA Maryland USA W 106
John Hubbard Captain Pan Am Seattle USA A 100
Kurt Maier Alert Management Frankfurt BRD A 101
Ronald Koch Operation manager Pan Am Frankfurt BRD A 102
Mr. 4XXXXXXXX (ex. government Stasi, DDR) XXX, BRD D 100
alias "Mr. G.XX) (ex. government, Stasi DDR) XXX, BRD D 101
Tony Gautschi Mary House, Malta W 100
Steven Lloyd Manager Holiday Inn Malta W 102
Ifred Borge General Manager Air Malta A 103
Red Rey Fezwalter Granada Television UK W 107
Ing. Ulrich Lumpert Mebo Ltd. Switzerland W 108
Edwin Bollier, VR Mebo Ltd. Switzerland W 109
Dr. David Fieldhouse ex. Scot police, Scotland W 206
Steve Donahue DEA undercover agent C 101
Allan Faraday RARDE, forensic expert GR C 102
Thomas Slowanky DEA ex station Frankfurt C 103
Abu Maged Jiacha Ex. manager of LAA Luqa C 104
Mr. Tam Dalyell Scotland M 266
Vincent Cannistraro ex. CIA, USA M 270
Charles M. Buyer Gander crash-affair, USA M 272
Gerrit Pretorius Reg. South African, ex. secretray, Pik Botha M 280
General Van Tonda ex. intelligence, BOSS, South Africa M 304

**@XXXXX, name confidential, for trial only 1