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The PanAm 103 Air-Tragedy
Disclosure of "Lockerbie Affair"

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13. Apr. 2017

suggestion of MEBO Ltd in the 'Lockerbie Evidence Fraud
at Scottish Police 'OPERATION SANDWOOD':

1. Who brought the original fragment as found in Lockerbie to Mebo Eng. Ulrich Lumpert in Zürich? (1989 before X-Mas) “The original fragment was always under custody of a Scottish official.” If SIO Chief Henderson statement in a film is correct, then a Scottish official must have been present in Zurich. This would allow checking the exact date and the reason for this secret mission.

2. Why did Engineer Ulrich Lumpert make the Scratch marks and the letter “M” on the fragment?

3. Why did Scottish Police and others still look for the producer of the fragment in 1989/1990? Through early contacts with Mebo Engineer Ulrich Lumpert it was clear, that Mebo was the producer of MST-13 timers. Why did they still go from Lab to Lab, in order to find the producer? Lack of communication or what else?

4. To which “USA authority” did the Swiss BUPO hand over MST-13 timer (PC board?) (See letter by Peter Lehmann...)

5. Where is the highly important ORIGINAL Polaroid photo (called “FBI-Photo), which was shown by Insp. Flückiger to Meister and Bollier? (Spring 1990). They came immediately to the conclusion that the photo shows a prototype MST-13 fragment... (Non-functional). The photo disappeared and despite the search order of a high-ranking swiss prosecutor (Bundesrichterin), it is allegedly still missing! Several requests by our lawyers – in the past few years – have been totally ignored!! Did FBI or Scottish authorities hand over this “FBI photo” to the Swiss BUPO?

6. This crucial “FBI-Photo” was last seen in the document folder of Insp. Flückiger in Zurich. Why Insp. Gilchrist specifically prevented Insp. Flückiger from showing it again to Mr. Meister and Mr. Bollier.

7. Instead of the Original MST-13 fragment it is now obvious that the Scottish Police brought in June 1990, a green duplicate for the comparison with the Togo Timer to the US. (At this time the Original fragment was already cut into 2 pieces!) The comparison with a green duplicate and not with the original fragment led to a false conclusion, as it was described, as similar to the MST-13 timer delivered to Libya by Mebo...

8. Insp. Williamson gave the order at Siemens Lab Munich to cut the ORIGINAL fragment into 2 (two) pieces. Did he have the competence to cut such an important and very small piece of evidence? Did SIO Chief Henderson give the order to Insp. Williamson? The question arises because Mr. Williamson tried to ask Henderson for permission to carry on with forensic examinations at Siemens. As he could not contact Henderson, all activities have been stopped. They went home without any kind of results.... Why only two Scottish police officers were present and not forensic expert Allen Feraday or at least another Scottish Forensic expert. There was no need to bring the fragment to Germany. UK companies could have done the same job too, because they were perfectly able to do the same cuts on the “Control samples” (Duplicates).

9. After the “cutting session” by Siemens they wrote that they could do further forensic examinations also in the UK.

10. But why did they return again to Siemens in June 1990 with a “green fragment”?

11. Who manufactured the so-called “Control samples” of the fragment?

12. Edwin Bollier had the opportunity to see – for the first time - the original fragment (cut into 2 parts) in Dumfries. Looking through a high resolution magnifying glass, he identified manipulations!! (See handwritten police reports and transcripts) He requested that a witness must have a look at the two parts of the fragment and confirm the colours. Police officer Kate Thomson (now Chief Superintendent) was called in. I had to leave the room. I received a copy of the police reports but never a copy of her statement as a witness and it seems - up to this date - a well kept secret... The court did not pay attention, to the fact that a police officer acted as a witness, in Dumfries. Unfortunately she was not invited, as witness to the court in Zeist.

13. Why the original MST-13 was allegedly never examined on traces of explosives? The information of Mr. Hayes at the court was ridiculous. The fragment was small, but big enough for a forensic examination on explosives. Forensic experts in Switzerland would be ready to carry out tests in order to find traces of explosives.

11. Jan. 2017

Link: Lockerbie...constant DROPS hollow out the LIE
...and brings the TRUTH!

The year 2017 will be important for the Lockerbie case
(PanAm 103 air disaster)

Time has come for the Swiss Mebo Ltd and owner Edwin Bollier to prepare a claim of damages (US $ 200 million) against Scotland. 50% of this would be donated to a social foundation.

There is now enough evidence that the judges at the court of Zeist/Holland, against the Libyan official, Abdelbaset Al-Megrahi, where misled by false evidence of 3 expert witnesses under oath, ...who have been directly involved in the fact finding examinations. Faked and false evidence about the MST-13 Timer fragment (PT 35) led unfortunately to a wrong verdict. Due to the fact that the (MST-13 Timer) played a key role in the case, the reputation of the successful swiss company was badly affected and it all led to a very heavy financial damage.

The latest results of forensic examinations by well known independent experts will prove that the allegedly found timer fragment was a fake. It did not derive from a MST-13 timer, delivered by Mebo to Libya. Thats finally good news for the troubled Mebo Company. Please read the Intelligence Report PT-35) at your convenience.

LINK: https://pt35b.wordpress.com/2016/12/21/lockerbie-was-pt35b-evidence-fabricated/